Black Friday Mirror Sale.

Black Friday Mirror Sale – Friday 25 November 2016

Here at Soraya Interiors we love a bargain and we are sure that you do to.

By now you doubt have heard of Black Friday. It’s the day to have in your diary if you are after a bargain!

Or do you see it as a day to avoid as a day of unnecessary greed and retailers just looking to make as much money as possible!

Well whatever your view you are probably correct, as it seems we can no longer wait for the January sales and we want bargains all year round.

Why it is called Black Friday?

Here in the U.K Black Friday is another day that has been adopted, as traditionally in the U.S it is the day after their Thanksgiving celebrations.

It is also unofficially the start of the holiday shopping season.

It is named Black Friday as although retailers cut their margins dramatically on this day it is the start of when many start to see their accounts go from being in the red to being back in the black. Thus many retailers really look forward to this time of the year.

This goes back to the time before computers and spreadsheets when accounting was done with pen and paper.

Red ink was used to account for a business’s losses, whilst Black ink was used to mark down the gains.

So what will you do on Friday 25th November 2016? Will you be getting out of bed at some unearthly hour to search for that bargain? Will you be online doing the same?

Possibly if you are you may be too late as now many retailers are starting this event before Black Friday, perhaps as early as the Monday before.

Be aware that not everything is on sale. Canny retailers will lure you into their shops with a deal and you walk away with something you did not intend to purchase. Even if that was knocked down, have you really saved money if you did not budget for that item?

So be careful when making your purchases. Also not everything is the same quality. Sometimes you compare one brand against another that does the same job, but the quality on the item that is so cheap, may just not be there.

So to sum up, do not get carried away with all the hype. Make your decisions carefully and who knows perhaps you will get the bargain of the century. If not, don’t worry as sooner than later another similar deal will be out there.

So please check out our Black friday Mirror Sale deals and enjoy shopping responsibly!

Black Friday Mirror Sale Starts Now! Monday 21 November. 10% Off all Wall Mirrors Online. Use coupon: Black10.


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