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Grip It Plasterboard Wall Fixings

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The Worlds Ultimate Grip It Plasterboard Wall Fixings.

A high-performance design solution for hanging on plasterboard walls.

The 18mm GripIt Plasterboard Wall Fixings are so easy and simple to install: Just Drill, Tap and Turn.


Drill a hole through the plasterboard with a 18mm Flat Drill Bit. For stud, dot and dab, double thickness or insulated plasterboard walls you need our 18mm Undercutting Tool. This creates a recess to allow the gripping wings of the Grip It Fixing to open. Then just tap and turn the 18mm Grip It Fixing in place and the magic begins!


Purchase your kit which includes the tools required to complete the job. The pack includes: 2x 18mm GripIt Fixings, 2x Mirror Hooks, 18mm Flat Drill Bit and the 18mm Undercutting Tool.


18mm Fixings safe load weight: 74kgs


Ideal for: Light or Heavy Mirrors, Pictures and Art Work.

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How It Works

Just DRILL: (1) Mark out the centreline positions where the Grip It wall fixings are to be installed. (2) Then drill the required number of holes in the plasterboard wall. You will require the same size flat head drill bit as the fixing you are using (i.e 18mm). This is to cut out the right size hole in the plasterboard wall. If you think you may hit the stud frame behind the plasterboard wall, then we recommend using a Grip It Undercutting tool as well. We sell the whole pack. Which includes all the tools to complete the job.


Just TAP: (1) Position the Grip It fixing in the hole – wings first. (2) Then gently tap the fixing into the hole until the fixing settles down flush with the plasterboard wall surface.


Just TURN: (3) You now need to lock the backing wings of the fixing in place. You do this by using a screwdriver and turning it clockwise. All done! To remove the Grip It fixing, turn anti-clockwise so the wings close and out comes the fixing.


drill, tap and turn

GripIt Youtube Video

View video: How to use a GripIt Fixing.

Undercutting Tool

The GripIt Undercutting Tool accessory is specially designed for removing insulation or Dot & Dab adhesive from behind plasterboard and drywall, to allow the GripIt wings to open and rotate into place. This accessory may also be used for creating wing space when either timber wall studs or building block material is encountered.


Use the same size Undercutting Tool as the GripIt Fixings to be used. GripIt make tough and robust accessory tools which we sell as a pack if needed. Care should be taken when handling  power tools. For instructions on using your undercutting tool in  insulated walls or dot and dabs walls, please view below:


How to install Grip It Fixings in insulated plasterboard


How to install Grip It Fixings in to a dot and dab wall