Roadford Double Large Glass Mirror 120x80cm

Roadford Double Large Glass Mirror 120x80cm

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The Roadford large 120x80cm glass mirror features a double edge mirrored frame. This mirror is made from premium glass. Each mirrored corner is finished with a mitred joint. This is a technique in which a joint is made by bevelling two pieces of the mirrored glass, at a 45° angle, to form a corner, a 90° angle. All mirrored glass sections are bevelled for a high quality polished finish. The mirror is then elegantly overlaid onto black felted timber. Our Roadford mirror collection has hanging straps already attached. You then have the choice to hang the Roadford mirror portrait or landscape.


This all glass wall mirror will look its best when it reflects daylight or artificial light around your interior. Without a frame, a frameless mirror will enhance your room as it creates the feeling of space and light within your interior room. All our mirrors are delivered free within the UK and just in case, we are pleased to offer free returns with a 100% refund policy! If you need help with your mirror purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us via the above email support link or call us on one of the above phone numbers.





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Mirror Specifications

Overall Height (cm) 120 (3ft 11)
Overall Width (cm) 80 (2ft 7)
Overall Weight (kg) 15
Sizes Available 68x58cm | 90x60cm | 100x70cm | 120x80cm | 120x40cm | 174x85cm

Hanging Your Mirror


Hanging straps are already attached to each wall hanging mirror in both portrait and landscape positions. Decide which position you wish to hang your mirror. The mirror is then hung from your wall fixings. Our mirrors are suitable for all interiors and all wall types. For your convenience, please click on the link to purchase your Grip It Plasterboard Mirror Fixings. Suitable for mirrors weighing up to 60kgs.