Home decorating trends for Autumn/Winter 2018.

Here’s our round-up of some of the top decorating trends to for Autumn/Winter 2018.

Whenever you purchase something for your home, there’s no escaping interior trends. Whether you embrace them or try to avoid the influence, everything we buy for the home is predetermined by trends. From minimalist furniture, trending paint colours to grand sleigh beds, the high street and online retailers offer us all new collections from global styles and trends.

Whilst trends do change and sometimes continue to evolve over the years, seasons also come and go. We are not encouraging that you redecorate every room but rather along with good house keeping, look for ways to update your existing interior.

Read on, and you will discover that many of the trends for Autumn/Winter 2018  offer a way to update your home with small adjustments or home accessories. Here are some of the key trends to look out for in the months to follow:

1. Nordic Journey.

Home decorating trends - Nordic Journey.

The Nordic trend, is an understated look that creates a big impact on your interior. Its a perfect choice for creating an effortlessly stylish look.

Nordic style decor allows you to layer up with different textures, giving your room depth. This inviting space allows you to hibernate happily form the darkness of winter! A new element for this season is to be inspired and influenced by global colours, accessories and patterns.

Starter style idea: Pick out a number of Nordic and seaside images. Focus on what draws you to the scene – the colours, tone and light. With this in mind, search from a colour palette chart, the colours that inspire this style.

Style key colours: Dark navy blue, lavender, sage, blush pink and canvas white.

2. Simplicity Living.

Home decorating trends - Simplicity Living.

Modern simple living embraces imperfect finishes! This style trend is about making ‘easy to come across’ materials look effortlessly stylish. Celebrate the beauty of craftsmanship along side affordable ‘make do with’ furnishings.

Simplicity is to be celebrated. Imperfections are to be embraced. Re-use pieces you’ve inherited, items your retrieved from your neighbors skip and furnishings with an easy price tag.  Look to clean up and re-style your findings. Paint the walls with a fresh inviting tone. This trend is fast becoming big for 2019.

Starter style idea: Search out your favorite pieces from within your home. What can be up-cycled and re-used? Look out for furnishings from recycle shops that can be resurrected! Earthenware, re-usable glassware, wool, wicker and rattan are a perfect choice to be positioned against neutral painted walls.

Style key colours: Pale grey’s, cream and bold oatmeal neutrals.

3. Woodland Retreat.

Home decorating trends - Woodland Retreat.

For this Autumn the look is inspired by the intense hues of woodland finds. From berries to bark and brambles. This trend lends itself to a cosy winter indoors! To keep warm physically we layer up, in turn, to keep your home a warm haven – layer up with chunky giant knits. On point this season, chunky woolen blankets are easy to find online or on the high street.

Starter style idea: Think what helps you to feel warm and cosy and inspire this into your home. Woolen chunky knits and deep toned thick rugs will help you achieve your woodland retreat. But don’t forget the one essential accessory for this trend – chunky rustic cushions along with warm toned decorated walls.

Style key colours: Think damson, plum, dark chocolate colours and russet tones of crispy winter fallen leaves.

4. Rich Dark Depths.

Home decorating trends - Rich Dark Depths.

Rich dark colours and deep textures for the bedroom are sumptuously seductive and bring a heritage feeling to the space. A grand effortlessly created style for grown ups! Choose rich colours that ensure your intimate space will feel warm and forever inviting during these winter months. By just painting your room in a rich deep tone your living space will ooze a touch of decadence.

A key texture for this trend this season is velvet. A luxury material that makes a statement. This style brings back the cocktail hour in a big way. Accessorize your space with velvet cushions, heavy velvet curtains and a velvet headboard.

Starter style idea: Decide what is your favorite rich deep colour. Maybe rich red wine or a vintage dark green. Create this warm inviting style by painting all or just one wall. Choose to paint the biggest wall space in your chosen colour and accessorize with with deep textured furnishings.

Style key colours: Deep dark reds, rich navy blue or vintage bottle green.

So whether you are looking to completely change your decor or just infuse a modern trend to your interior, there’s never been a better time to splash out on a new paint colour or cosy cushion!

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