Extra Large Modern Oxford White Mirror 267x145cm

Mirror Ideas – Play with Sizes and Shapes.

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Mirror ideas for any room in your home.

A mirror is a staple piece for your interior. Searching through pintrest for mirror ideas and exploring many sites, may be your experience when deciding on the right mirror to buy. Mirrors make spaces appear larger while reflecting light and adding interest. A wall mirror is a multipurpose solution to many design challenges. A mirror will also create warmth and add a reflective dimension to your space making a mirror the perfect accessory to your room.

Mirror ideas: Why size matters.

Scale is important when it comes to choosing wall mirror décor. When choosing a mirror to compliment your interior space, ask yourself:

  • Where am I hanging it?


  • What size is the wall space?


If you are hanging it above your sofa, you can go as large as the sofa itself. Or if you are hanging upon a blank wall you can also go as large as you like, just leave some wall space around the mirror to make a big bold statement. Decide if it is a statement you want to make!

When it comes to hanging a mirror above a fireplace, look for something that adequately fills the space between the top of the mantel and the ceiling. You can either have the bottom of the mirror appear to rest on the mantel or center it, using the wall space available. A fully rectangular or round mirror tends to look best when centered. A rounded or high crested wall mirror can look amazing sitting on top of the mantle but hung securely.

Remember: There are no absolute rules in mirror hanging design, but a good rule of thumb is to leave at least a foot above your mirror.

Mirror ideas: Play with shapes and designs.

Modern Oval Glass Swirl Mirror

There is an unlimited number of simple and funky mirrors on the market these days, so finding the perfect shape mirror can be a frustrating task. We encourage all to look outside of the traditional options available. Have a few varied options on the table. The ‘play safe, blend in’ options and the ‘over-sized, unusual’ mirror ideas. This will help you decide what you really like.

Salcombe Large Pebble Glass Mirror 131x131cm

Walls without any architectural details are a perfect blank canvas for a stunning mirror. Look for a size that is either equal to or almost as large as the piece of furniture, sofa or bed you’re hanging it above. Your aim could be to create a focal point that stands out against the rest of the interior, choose a oval or sunburst mirror to make an impressive feature.

Decorative Venetian Baroque Glass Mirror 135x100cm

If your interior furnishings have many straight lines and minimal details, soften and balance out the harsh angles by using a wall mirror with curves. Consider a mirror that holds its own and stands out as wall art while being the practical mirror you need.

Rococo Ornate Octagonal Silver Mirror 120x91cm

Sometimes a solid Framed Mirror is just the perfect choice. The frame on a mirror can make or break the way it interacts with the room. A frame acts as décor on its own. A chunky frame either solid wood or decorative in style can provide the punch your room really needs. Or a frameless glass mirror would be a timeless and elegant choice.

Wall Mirrors London

If you’re looking for something with more edge and attitude, take a risk on a mirror that you can build the room around. A Funky Mirror with nontraditional shapes will make your chosen mirror a great choice for creating an electric feel in your room. Or perhaps choose a simpler design but paint the wall a deep, moody colour or paper it in a rich wall paper. A bold featured wall will give a stylish flair to your interior with a mirror creating a distracting dimension.


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