Popular Mirrors at Soraya Interiors.

Popular Mirrors at Soraya Interiors 2019

Popular Mirrors at Soraya Interiors. The most popular interior wall mirrors and free standing mirrors sold in 2019 at Soraya Interiors.

Modern living can often mean compromising on space and light. We may have little control over the size of our room, and the size of the window. The result is a darker interior. The addition of wall mirrors can bring an array of advantages. Whether you choose to hang a wall mirror or purchase a free standing dress mirror, be sure, it will instantly refresh your interior. Read the benefits of mirrors.

1. Wall Mirrors make living rooms appear bigger

2. Wall mirrors hide flaws in the room

3. Wall mirrors improve the flow of light significantly

4. Wall mirrors add a decorative perk that is priceless

5. Wall mirrors give you the opportunity in assess how you look

There are few homes without a mirror. There is, though a big difference between a mirror being used to shave or apply makeup and a decorative mirror for your living room or bedroom. If you are looking for a stunning, high quality but affordable mirror, then Soraya Interiors is a good place to find your perfect mirror. A mirror can never be to large for a room, rather an oversized mirror will instantly add the ‘wow factor’ to your interior.

The Manhattan Circle. Available in 7 colours and 7 sizes.
Chelsea Raised Edge Venetian Mirror 172x111cm
The Chelsea raised edge mirror. Available in 3 sizes.
Cambridge Decorative Silver Free Standing Mirror
The Free Standing Cambridge Mirror. Available in 2 colours.
Full Length Silverton Mirror 120x50cm
The Silverton triple edge mirror. Available in 4 sizes.
The Bordeaux mirror. Available in 3 sizes.
Newton Modern Full Length Mirror 119x48cm
The Newton mirror. Available in 6 sizes.
Modern Triple Edge Glass Ashwater Mirror 91x61cm
The Ashwater triple edge mirror. Available in 7 sizes.
Extra Large Gold Carved Charlton Mirror 154x215cm
The gold Charlton mirror. Available in 3 colours and 4 sizes.

Perhaps you are looking for a truly unique mirror! Soraya Interiors are pleased to offer a bespoke service. We are suppliers of Yearn Glass Mirrors in London. As a team, we can work to your requirements to produce a mirror of your dreams, a mirror that suits you and your interior.

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