Rococo Mirrors

Rococo wall mirrors offer an exotic ‘stately home’ glamour to your home at a low cost. Rococo was a 16th century playful artistic style which influenced paintings, sculpture, interior design and theatre mostly in Rome but then onto Prague and Paris. Rococo, mainly an interior style boasts a jocular graceful approach to the arts making a strong use of asymmetrical designs and curves in creams and bold gold. This exotic style bought a change to the general artistic fashion world as lighter elements with more curves entered into society. Rococo became a much loved style in Britain between 1820 and 1870 as many paid inflated prices for Rococo style luxury goods that could scarcely be sold in Paris. Enjoy viewing our visually tasteful Rococo wall mirror range. All wall mirrors are delivered free within the UK and are ready to be hung portrait or landscape. Just in case, we also offer free returns!

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