British Handcrafted Wall Mirrors

British Handcrafted Wall Mirrors form Soraya Interiors. We are proud to sell British made mirrors. Our supplier Yearn Glass, have been manufacturing wall mirrors in the east end of London since 1981. Established from humble beginnings over the decades Yearn have become master mirror makers and still manufacturer using traditional techniques combining the latest technology.

British Handcrafted Wall Mirrors

The team of Artisans have an array of skill sets that come together to produce beautifully crafted mirrors. Founded in the heart of the East End of london, Yearn have stayed loyal to their routes with the production facility still based in Hackney, London. An area steeped in manufacturing tradition.

Mirrors made in London

The historical premises where manufacturing takes place today, was once a Glass Bottle works in 1700s. Behind Yearns character building is an abundance of history. As you step inside the production facilities today, you are greeted by a colourful, thriving manufacturing hub combining a diverse mix of talented Artisans, engrossed in their job at hand, each skilled person is the heartbeat of the business. Described by many as an Aladdins’s cave, not knowing what you will discover as you weave your way around the production facility. Full of many fascinating processes.

PU Injection Frame Moulding

A fascinating process in which the polyurethane is injected into a closed mould at high pressures. The high pressure forces the polyurethane to completely fill the mould cavity which takes the shape of the mould. Over the years we have built up an impressive array of master moulds all constructed in house. This has enabled us to offer high levels of consistency in production as we are able to mass produce over and over again whilst staying in complete control over the level of finish.

Some of the oldest product lines in PU still remain some of the most successful ranges and have remained timeless throughout the ever-changing trends. With the ability to offer consistency in supply over the years whilst in complete control of the high level of finish as the moulds are hand made in house using one of the best kept secrets.

Polyurethane injection machine highlighting a mirror frame being manufactured.
Polyurethane frame injection mould machine.
A decorative Polyurethane frame is left the set.
A decorative Polyurethane frame is left the set.
Polyurethane frames stored awaiting finishing.
Polyurethane frames awaiting finishing.

Frame Making in the Wood Mill

Wooden overmantels, a speciality of Yearn are all hand made using bespoke profiles unique to Yearn. A high proportion of the ranges are constructed from wood using an array of secret manufacturing techniques mastered since the companies inception. The methods used are extremely adaptable which allow Yearn to constantly innovate.

The Wood Mill is a fine example of how traditional techniques combines with the latest technology to create hand finished components. The high level of finish is not solely reliant on machinery, the team of experienced wood machinists give the most important finishing touches that is only made possible by specialist technicians. This is where the journey begins for a Yearn mirror and where quality inspections are at their toughest.

The variations of timber used are all inspected and hand selected on inbound to ensure consistency throughout batch production.

British handcrafted mirror frame. Machines use the latest technology in frame making.
Machine uses the latest technology in frame making.
Handcrafted wall mirror frames. See production inside the wood mill.
Overmantle mirror frame production inside the wood mill.
Wall mirror frames, handcrafted and awaiting completion.
British handcrafted wall mirrors: Frames awaiting completion.

Glass Processing and Gilding

Shape bevelling and straight line bevelling is a vital ingredient and a busy hub within the factory. As you approach the bevelling works form morning to night you can hear the ring of the polishing wheels chamfering the edge of the mirror to precision. Most importantly these processes allow Yearn to stay fully in control of the quality of mirror they are processing whilst keeping a close eye on the bevel.

Yearn have been Gilding since the very early days of Yearn and their gilt silver and gold finishes remain a vital ingredient in the finishing of the products. All of the gilt frames are hand finished in either gold or silver leaf. A highly skilled and delicate operation which involves applying fine metals to the wooden and PU frames. The finishing on the decorative frames are antiqued with a secret patina to complete the look and feel of the products.

Yearns more minimal and contemporary ranges tend to have a more brilliant gold and silver gilt finish in line with the products appearance.

British glass bevelling in action. Glass processing machine. Bevelled edge engraving.
Glass processing machine. Bevelled edge engraving.
British handcrafted wall mirrors. Gold leaf gilding on a decorative frame.
British handcrafted wall mirrors: Gold leaf gilding.
Straight line bevelled mirrors. Completed silver Florence wall mirror.
Straight line bevelled mirrors. (Florence mirror)

Quality is at the forefront of design and production, with the detailed finishes and crisp reflective qualities clear to see. The team of local craftsmen and women use only the finest quality materials to create all the beautiful designs you see. These mirrors are desirable and timeless. Mirrors that can stand the test of time no matter the era and hang in situe for decades whilst still looking current.

Quality is constantly under review and is a standard part of production. This is to ensure consumer expectations are exceeded. An obsessive passion for attention to detail makes sure of this. Soraya Interiors 1000’s of customer reviews clearly show that this is the case.

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Check out our Designer Mirror collection for a mirror designed and handcrafted by skilled British work men and women. Such mirrors are made to order in London and are delivered within approximately 2-3 weeks.

Here are some of our British designer mirrors:

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