FAQs at Soraya Interiors

Where are the mirrors made?

Our mirrors are made here in the UK by skilled craftsmen and women. We also supply quality handpicked mirrors from Asia. These are in stock and ready for dispatch.

Do you offer a bespoke service?

Yes we do! In collaboration with Yearn Glass mirrors in London, Soraya Interiors’ offers a bespoke mirror service—crafting mirrors to your dreams.

Can I pay over the phone?

Yes! We are happy to take payment over the phone, however, we have the right to refuse payment.

How long does delivery take?

Mirrors made with our manufacture in London will be dispatched within 2-3 weeks. Our in stock mirrors will be delivered with 2-8 working days. This is dependent on the mirror size and your postcode. You will be notified ahead of delivery.

What delivery company do you use?

For mirrors measuring over 100cm in diameter, width or length, we use one of the following specialist companies: JBS Midland, & Fragilistics. For our smaller mirrors we use DHL & APC.

Do you deliver to no entry roads?

Yes, we do. However, if the street is not accessible, the driver needs to park on yellow lines, or away from the property, we will require your assistance. Ensure your mobile number is correct, as we will rely on it for contact.

Can you deliver to Northern Ireland & Ireland?

No, unfortunately we cannot. We can only deliver to mainland UK, excluding postcodes: (BT), (KW), (IV4, IV6), (IV14 to IV28), (IV40 to IV99), (PH36 to PH44), (PA20 to PA78) & (KA27, KA28). We do accept orders from Ireland but delivery must be to a mainland UK address.

Do you accept international orders?

We have a system set up for receiving overseas orders and payment. Please reach out to us with your required order. We will check stock available and then talk you through the payment.

We are not setup to export goods out of the UK. However, we do accept international orders with delivery to a mainland UK address. The export of such goods would need to be arranged by you as the customer.

Can you deliver to the Europe, Middle East and the USA?

No, unfortunately we cannot. However, we do accept international orders with delivery to a mainland UK address.

What if my mirror arrives damaged?

Please email a picture to sales@sorayainteriors.co.uk. We will reply within the same day and resolve this for you. Damaged goods need to be collected. The original packaging must be used. You will not be charged for an exchange or collection.

How do I check the status of my order?

You will receive regular emails and texts with delivery updates. For any further questions on your order please call: 01566 248308 or email us at sales@sorayainteriors.co.uk

What are your mirrors made of?

Our mirrors are made from premium quality glass with a minimum thickness of 4mm. Mirrors featuring frames are made from a variety of timber, resin, plaster or iron.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can. Please email your request to sales@sorayainteriors.co.uk and provide your name and postcode.

How do I know what size mirror to buy?

First, measure your available space and write this down. Second, select a mirror you like. Third, make a template out of paper to the same measurements as the mirror, then blu-tac this to your wall. Stand back and take a look.

What if a product is out of stock?

Email us at sales@sorayainteriors.co.uk with the product name and size. We will do our best to provide a date for its arrival.

How do I arrange a return?

Please email us at sales@sorayainteriors.co.uk and provide your name and postcode stating the reason for the return. The original packaging must be used.

Do I pay for returns?

No, you do not pay. We offer free first returns. However, you must notify us within 5 days.

How long will it take to get my refund?

Once your mirror has been collected and checked, we will process your refund.

What if my glass mirror is marked?

This is likely glue adhesive. First, clean the glass with glass cleaner or soapy water. Second, using a sharp clean blade, holding it flat but on an angle, slide it over the mark to remove the residue. Finally, clean the glass again.

How do I protect my garden mirror?

Our garden mirrors are designed for outside use, however, your garden mirror will naturally patina. If you wish to maintain the original new appearance of the metal frame, we recommend applying Rust-Oleum at some stage, this is specifically designed for outdoor metal. Clear Rust-Oleum can be purchased as a spray at many online DIY stores. We recommend covering the glass if you choose to use this product.

Can a heavy mirror be hung on a plasterboard wall?

Yes. It’s all about the fixings. Plasterboard spiral fixings hold mirrors weighing up to 14kg. Grip It Plasterboard Fixings hold mirrors weighing up to 74kg! All our mirrors at Soraya Interiors weigh under 50kg.

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Delivery and Returns

Free Mainland UK Delivery & Returns. Excluded postcodes: (BT) (KW) (IV4) (IV6) (IV14 to IV28) (IV40 to IV99) (PH36 to PH44) (PA20 to PA78) (KA27) (KA28). Our manufactured in London mirrors are dispatched within 2-3 weeks. In stock mirrors are delivered within 2-8 days. Delivery information will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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