Georgian Interior Design for Modern Life

Many love Georgian interiors but need contemporary living, so how can you achieve Georgian interior design in contemporary world?

How the Georgian style began

Georgian style embraces the reign of four Georges who reigned in continuous succession from 1714 to 1830. The style came about as a reaction to the popular Baroque style that George 1st much disliked. Georgian style is strongly influenced by Rococo, Gothic, French and Oriental art and designs.

The architect James Gibbs was very much a transitional figure which may have reflected his time spent in Rome in 18th century. From mid 1760s a number of British architects including one by the name of John Nash were responsible for designing large areas of London.

Regularity of house fronts along many streets was a very desirable feature of the Georgian town planning. Many of the decorative elements of this style derive from Greece or Rome. One popular area where Georgian style homes can be embraced is The Royal Crescent, Bath also Sutton Lodge, Sutton, London which interestingly was once used by George 4th.

I am sure you will agree with me that the Georgian style is immensely pleasing to the eye. It is a style that gives undivided attention to detail in each and every architectural element of the building. And just as much love, care and attention is also given to the interior.

How to achieve Georgian Interior Design for Modern Life

You can create an air of elegant luxury in your home, making it an inviting haven for all. Your home does not need to be old or be Georgian to embrace a Georgian style interior. Today, Georgian style decorating is simple and elegant and easy to achieve. Perhaps like myself your goal is to embrace just some elements of this popular attractive style. Below we provide some tips how achieve this style in different forms.

  • Colours

The colours of the Georgian period are mainly quite toned down. A Heritage paint range will give you a good idea of what colours to use. Later periods also saw a much more adventurous take on paints and many Georgians became quite daring.

  • Walls

Many Georgian walls are paneled. Paneling as a rule only reaches dado height and then the walls above can be painted or wallpapered. Georgian wallpaper design is a simple ‘repeat patterned’ look. Geometric patterns work best in achieving this look but wallpapers featuring darker shades will give a more luxurious glamorous look. From many shops like Laura Ashley, you can purchase a good take on this style at affordable prices.

  • Curtains

Curtains and fabrics were not heavily patterned, but did feature floral on striped detailing. So although not fussy you can choose to hang elaborate drapes. Today many fabrics or in fact ready made curtains do feature this style.

  • Furniture

Furniture should be delicate looking but can be elaborate. Often you can find Georgian style furniture at second hand furniture stalls particularly in market halls and shops in geographical areas that feature Georgian properties. Also to look locally in papers and house clearances.

  • Accessories and Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are the perfect finishing touches to complete this style. Finish your Georgian style interior with a large elaborately framed wall mirror. The best way to purchase one of these is to find a reproduction or Georgian-inspired mirrors from a shop or online. Here at Soraya Interiors we sell a stunning range of elaborately framed wall mirrors in a range of colours and sizes, where we are confident you will find what you are looking for.

Choose a fine chandelier. The more droplets and sparkle the better! Purchase a chandelier as large as your room will allow without you constantly hitting it. This will make a grand statement!

It can be exciting to accessorize the rest of your Georgian interior by looking for genuine antiques found at antique stalls, car boots and on eBay. This can become a enjoyed hobby where you end up with stunning pieces at affordable prices.

So we hope this blog on ‘How to achieve Georgian interior design’ will help you achieve the Georgian look in your home. You may be aiming to achieve a full on look or just like myself take the best features of this look and incorporate this into to your home interior. All the best!

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