How to Combine Modern & Traditional Interiors?

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Combining old and new or marrying traditional with modern, can produce a stunning room. This interior design style may sound strange to some when it comes to decorating and piecing together furnishings to complete an interior style. Although the fusion of styles can be one of the hardest designs to get right, you will be glad to know, there are no rules!

How to Combine Modern & Traditional Interiors?

Perhaps you dream of a contemporary home but are sentimental about the past. You love the grandeur of old stately homes but need an interior that’s works for the modern man, women or family.

The contrast between modern and traditional or including vintage finds will add depth and a richness to your home interior. The mixture of art, fabrics, objects, furnishings, wall mirrors, ornaments and furniture can be a fun style to produce. For some the combining of old and new came naturally, maybe it’s a style that has evolved over many years, but for others it requires thought, research and maybe some advice!

A real picture of one of our beautiful mirrors> Determine your overall theme. Try and think of words or styles that come to mind that best describe what you think you are trying to achieve. Here’s a few:

Rustic interiors: A style that exposes to raw natural materials, and can sometimes feature more traditional ways of decorating. Brings a sense of practicality and purpose to objects normally hidden away.

Grand interiors: A word that is used to describe something that is splendid or magnificent. Derived from the old French word ‘grand’ meaning ‘great’. The word grandeur is used to describe things that are distinguished, extraordinary, and impressive.

Modern interiors: This is a word that relates to the present times, current, twenty first-century, latest. Something that is characterized by the most up-to-date techniques, equipment, methods or accessories. View modern wall mirrors.

Even the smallest of spaces can be big on style. Use your imagination look out for creative design tricks to reinvent your home. In a small space everything can become a focal point. Let each item have meaning and impact and make sense.

Here are a couple of combining ‘old and new’ interior ideas:

  • Deep ornate coving while the rest of the room features clean lines, smooth flat walls and soft low key tones.
  • Traditionally framed wall mirror against a plain wall that also features modern furnishings. View traditional framed mirrors.
  • Wood panelling around the room, while featuring simple modern furniture and furnishings like lamps and pictures.

How to Combine Modern & Traditional Interiors? From Soraya Interiors UK. We specialise in selling a large collection of traditional styled mirrors. Ideal for those who are sentimental and romantic at heart. But for the more modern man or women out there, we also sell a popular range of diverse modern mirrors. We deliver all our mirrors free within the UK.

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