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The History of Art Deco Mirrors

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The History of Art Deco Mirrors. Learn the distinguishing features that makes Art Deco so appealing and unique.

Art Deco History

The characteristics of the Art Deco style began in the 1910’s. Starting with decorative arts, the movement quickly developed into architecture. This became a major style in Western Europe and from the 1930’s, in the United States. The style was first exhibited in Paris in 1925. The Art Deco design represented modernism and spoke luxury, prosperity and wealth.

Art Deco Style Features

From the outset, the distinguishing features of Art Deco style were bright and bold. Often boasting a simple, clean, geometric, streamlined look. The style frequently included man-made substances that were becoming ever more popular. In the 1930’s, during the Great Depression, the Art Deco style became more subdued. But then new materials came onto the seen, including chrome, plastic and stainless steel.

In its day Art Deco sometimes seemed contradictory but quickly became popular with the desire of many to be modern. The dominance quickly ended with the beginning of World War 2. The rise of functional unadorned styles followed, effecting architecture and furnishings and grooming.

Modern Art Deco

Gradually a sleeker form of the style called Streamline Moderne appeared. A style featuring curving forms and smooth, polished surfaces. A style that required great design and persecution as Art Deco objects were rarely mass-produced. Many of the most outstanding Art Deco creators, designed very individually crafted items. Such things as glassware, other furnishings jewellery and sculptors. Art Deco effortlessly became a truly international style.

Art Deco streamline mirror called the Manhattan. Shop Manhattan Mirror.

Art Deco Mirrors

In the 20th century, Art Deco mirrors made a great statement in a room while also serving a functional purpose, that of adding lots of light. The most typical mirrors of the period were bevelled edge mirrors crafted in various shapes and sizes. These unusually shaped mirrors provided a modern luxurious look to ones interior. Art Deco mirrors were often decorated with engraved geometric designs or figural characters or animals.

Finding an Art Deco Mirror. Shop Oviatt Mirror.

Cheval Mirrors

Cheval mirrors were also very popular in the 1920’s and 30’s. These free-standing, full length mirrors were positioned on a wooden stand. Heavy dark wood played an important role in the Art Deco period. Shop Free Standing Mirrors at Soraya Interiors.

Art Deco inspired free standing mirror called the Lombardy. Shop Lombardy Mirror.

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