Belgravia Silver Overmantle Mirror (2 Sizes)

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  • Belgravia Mirror, Available in 2 Sizes
  • Silver Leaf, PU & Wood Frame
  • Premium 25mm Bevel Edge Glass
  • Frame Width 8.5cm x Depth 4.5cm
  • Ready to Wall Mount or Position
  • Made to Order in London
  • View our Overmantle Mirror Collection
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Product Description

Belgravia Silver Overmantle Mirror

A pinnacle of timeless elegance that transforms any space into a haven of sophistication. Elevate your interior with this hand-finished masterpiece, meticulously crafted for those who appreciate refined style and luxurious detailing. View the Belgravia Mirror collection.

  • (W) 112cm x (H) 79cm (3ft 8″ x 2ft 7.1″) (10kg)
  • (W) 112cm x (H) 127cm (3ft 8″ x 4ft 2″) (17kg)

Key Features:

Luxurious Silver Leaf Finish: The Belgravia Silver Overmantle Mirror is adorned with a hand-finished silver leaf, radiating opulence and timeless beauty. The exquisite beaded detailing adds a touch of refinement, making it a statement piece for your interior decor.

Stunning Arched Design: The mirror features a thoughtfully designed PU & wood frame, measuring 8.5cm wide and 4.5cm deep, enhancing its arched silhouette. This frame not only adds dimension but also accentuates the mirror’s overall elegance.

Bevel Edge Mirror: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the bevel edge mirror, which adds a subtle yet impactful touch to the reflection. This meticulous detailing showcases the commitment to quality craftsmanship in every aspect of the mirror.

Versatile Sizing and Colors: Tailor the Belgravia Mirror to your aesthetic preferences with multiple sizing and color options. Choose the perfect fit for your space, allowing this masterpiece to seamlessly integrate into your home decor.

Easy Installation: Two hanging straps are thoughtfully attached, ensuring easy and secure installation. Effortlessly elevate your living space with the Belgravia Silver Overmantle Mirror, transforming any room into a sanctuary of refined luxury.

Made-to-Order Craftsmanship: Order now for a made-to-order Yearn Glass masterpiece crafted in London. Each mirror is a bespoke creation, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and individuality for a truly unique addition to your home.


Grace your space with the Belgravia Silver Overmantle Mirror — where meticulous craftsmanship meets timeless sophistication, creating an enduring statement of luxury in your home. Alternatively, discover our our Overmantle Mirror collection.