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Wall Fixings

Wall fixings from Soraya Interiors. Masonry and plasterboard wall fixings suitable for hanging both home and garden mirrors. First, Consider the type of wall you wish to hang your mirror on. Then, select the correct fixings required to complete the job. Our collection includes masonry fixings suitable for hanging heavy mirrors inside and outdoors. Our outdoor masonry screws are stainless steel suitable for outdoor weather all year. For plasterboard walls, we have a choice of two fixings. Spiral fixings, suitable for holding a mirror weighing up to 14kg. GripIt fixings, perfect for hanging heavy mirrors weighing up to 74kg on a plasterboard wall. All fixings are delivered free within the UK. For advice onĀ  how to hang a mirror, read our guidelines on ‘How to hang a wall mirror’. Click here to view our wonderful collection of British made Designer Mirrors.

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Plasterboard Fixings

For Mirrors Weighing Up to 14kg: Are you looking for a reliable solution to hang mirrors on your plasterboard walls securely? Our plasterboard fixings are designed to handle mirrors with a weight of up to 14kg, ensuring your mirrors stay in place without any concerns.

GripIt Plasterboard Fixings

For Mirrors Weighing Up to 74kg: For those heavy mirrors being hung on a plasterboard wall that demand extra support, our GripIt fixings are up to the task. These robust fixings can support mirrors weighing up to 74kg, providing the ultimate peace of mind.

GripIt fixings are engineered to handle the heaviest mirrors. They’re versatile enough to be used not just for mirrors but for a wide range of heavy items, including large picture frames and shelving units.

Masonry Wall Fixings

For Solid Internal & External Walls: Hanging a mirror on solid block or brick walls requires robust and reliable fixings. Our masonry fixings are the answer, offering the strength and stability needed for this specific application. The external pack includes stainless steel screws suitable for withstanding all weather.