Dorset Square Frameless Mirror (5 Sizes)

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  • Dorset Mirror, Available in 5 sizes
  • 25mm Bevel Edge Mirror
  • Premium 4mm Float Glass
  • 15mm Black Timber Backing
  • Ready to Hang with Two Hanging Strap
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Product Description

Dorset Square Frameless Mirror

The epitome of simplicity and style for your home decor needs. Available in five convenient sizes, this all-glass square mirror is a timeless addition to any space. You may also like the rectangle version called the Camden, or the round version called the Bordeaux. The Dorset is available in five sizes:

  • (H) 60cm x (W) 60cm (1ft 11.6″ x 1ft 11.6″) (5kg)
  • (H) 70cm x (W) 70cm (2ft 3.5″ x 2ft 3.5″) (6kg)
  • (H) 80cm x (W) 80cm (2ft 7.5″ x 2ft 7.5″) (7kg)
  • (H) 90cm x (W) 90cm (2ft 11.4″ x 2ft 11.4″) (8kg)
  • (H) 100cm x (W) 100cm (3ft 3.3″ x 3ft 3.3″) (10kg)

Key Features:

Sleek Frameless Design: The Dorset Square Mirror boasts a sleek frameless design, allowing its clean lines and 25mm bevel edge to effortlessly blend into any interior style.

Light-Enhancing Properties: Without the constraints of a frame, the Dorset Mirror maximizes the reflection of both ambient and natural light throughout your room, instantly brightening and enlarging your living space.

Statement Square Shape: Square mirrors are more than just functional; they’re a bold statement piece in any room. The Dorset Mirror’s square shape adds a modern touch and visual interest to your wall decor.

Ready to Hang: Designed for your convenience, the Dorset Mirror comes ready to hang with two sturdy hanging straps already attached. Simply unpack, position, and enjoy the instant transformation of your space.


Elevate your interior with the understated elegance of the Dorset Square Frameless Mirror. Whether in the hallway, living room, bedroom, or bathroom, this mirror effortlessly combines form and function to enhance the beauty of your home.


Square mirrors have a contemporary and sleek look that adds a touch of modernity to any space. Their clean lines and symmetrical shape complement a wide range of decor styles, from minimalist to industrial. Alternatively, view our Frameless Mirror Collection.