GripIt Plasterboard Wall Fixings

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GRIPIT PLASTERBOARD WALL FIXINGS – A high-performance design solution for hanging light or heavy mirrors and art work on a plasterboard wall. The 18mm GripIt Plasterboard Wall Fixings are very easy and simple to install: Just Drill, Tap and Turn.


GripIt Plasterboard Wall Fixings Kit Includes:


1x 18mm Flat Head Drill Bit. Use the drill bit and drill a hole into the plasterboard.

1x 18mm Undercutting Tool. For a stud or dot & dab wall. Simply insert into the predrilled hole and move the cutter around the drilled hole, this will remove any obstacle that may prevent the GripIt wings from opening.

2x 18mm GripIt Plasterboard Wall Fixings. Position and gently tap the fixings into the hole. Using a screwdriver, one simple turn of the screw to the right will secure the fixing in place and open the wings behind the plasterboard.

2x Mirror Hooks. Simply screw these on with the GripIt fixing and the hooks will hold the hanging straps on the back of the mirror.


Safe Load Weight: Up to a 74kg mirror. Two GripIt Fixings hold a heavy load weighing up to 74kg!




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GripIt Fixings Description

GripIt fixings are removable and reusable. Ideal for plasterboard walls, dot & dab walls and stud walls. Supports very heavy loads up to 74kg. Decide where you want to hang your mirror. Locate and avoid pipes, cables and studs. Use the correct size drill bit and drill a hole into the plasterboard. For a stud or dot & dab wall use the correct size undercutting tool. This creates a recess to allow the gripping wings of the GripIt Fixing to open. Then just tap and turn the 18mm GripIt Fixing in place!