How to Choose a Living Room Mirror?

How to Choose a Living Room Mirror?

Have you ever gone into someone’s home and after sitting down you realise something is missing! A mirror in the living room is the finishing touch every room needs. The right style mirror can give the whole room a brand new lease of life. Mirrors today come in all shapes and sizes, from dramatic unique styles to subtle designs. The most important thing on ‘How to Choose a Living Room Mirror?’ is to consider the size, positioning, shape, and style.

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Mirrors are a very versatile accessory for the home, and are worth every penny spent. A mirror will reflect what’s in front of them, and that reflection becomes part of your room, so choose with care. Our mirror buying guide will help you discover which mirror works best for your lounge.

Purpose of your living room mirror

It pays to give thought to the function of your living room mirror. Ask yourself – Is the mirror for decoration or is it also to be used to check your appearance? Do you want your mirror to blend effortlessly into your interior or to make a statement and become a feature of the room? Are you needing to reflect more light and create the feeling of space?

Size & positioning of your mirror

Generally speaking, you can hang a mirror anywhere you like. The lounge is one of the best spots in the house where mirror has the most impact. The first thing to consider is how much space do you have? And how much of your space do you want to use? The size of the mirror should be influenced by  the size of the wall that you’re placing it on and how big an impact you want the mirror to make in your room. A wall mounted mirror will not take up any floor space and will work well in rooms of all shapes and sizes. If you have a very large room with floor space, consider a leaning mirror.

Most position a mirror at eye-level​ to themselves​. You may be tall but for your mirror to have the best effect, you may want to consider the avenue height of your family and those visiting. Hung too high and your mirror will look pointless, too low and it can look messy. Too big and a mirror can overpower your room, too small it can look lonely. If your mirror is going to be hung above the sofa or a piece of furniture, a good rule is to select a mirror around two thirds of the size. We highly recommend making a template. Using paper, make a template to help decide on the overall size and shape. This will help you to be more decisive on the size you are looking for and will eliminate an expensive error.

Give thought to how large the living room mirror should be. Personally, I love oversized statement mirrors. It gives the most luxurious grand opulent feel to the room and is always the talking point when visitors arrive! As well as opening up the space and giving the room a more open plan feel, your mirror will reflect more light around the room.wall mirror will add a touch of luxury and elegance to almost any room in your home. A living room mirror will successfully open up your living room and complete the look.

Shape of mirror

The wall mirrors available on the market today are so varied in shape, design and size. Maybe the positioning of the mirror will control the shape of the mirror you will purchase. To give you some ideas: Will a round wall mirror look eye catching or out of place? Does the space require a full length wall mirror but hung landscape? This will look stunning above the sofa or sideboard. Or would a rectangular framed wall mirror look best?

Style of mirror

You need to decide what is your style. It may be that you want to contrast your mirror against your decor. This is a popular ever growing interior design style that will look really effective. Or perhaps you want your living room mirror to blend in subtly into your interior. If it is elegance you are after, then choose a gilded decorative framed mirror. At Soraya interiors we sell a large range of decorative framed wall mirrors. Many framed mirrors come in a number of sizes and colours to suit many interiors. For a minimalist look, search for a modern frameless mirror.

How to choose a living room mirror?

  • Decide where your mirror will go and the size you require.
  • Consider your goal, to effortlessly blend in or to make a statement.
  • Choose a shape and style you like.
  • Finally, make a template to see if your chosen mirror works.

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