How to Decorate Your Bedroom?

How to Decorate Your Bedroom?

How To Decorate Your Bedroom. Transform you bedroom from drab to delightful. Stylish decorating ideas to set yourself up for the best nights sleep!

The home is made up of many rooms. Out of all the rooms and every available space in the home, your bedroom is without a doubt the most personal room. It’s a room that is often shared but a room that your guests may never see. Yet, it deserves a great deal of attention, as it is a space in which to unwind, re-charged and reflect.

How To Decorate Your Bedroom?

The main purpose of the bedroom is to sleep the night away and dress for the day ahead. It may also be the place you relax in, your personal getaway, a sanctuary, which expresses your thoughts, feelings and collections. Either way, it makes sense to learn the rules when decorating your bedroom. We have selected some stunning bedroom design schemes that you’re going to love. Choose the ideas that are important to you!

1. Choose Your Colour

Colours communicate a message. Warm colours are generally associated with energy, brightness and action. Cool colours are often identified with calmness, peace and security. For the bedroom, choose soothing shades that create a restful atmosphere.

2. Don’t Overlook the Ceiling

Think of the ceiling as a wall! It’s a wall on show, as when you lay in bed, it’s a wall in constant view. For a light and airy feel, paint the ceiling slightly lighter version of the wall colour. For ultimate luxury look, paint the ceiling a warm dark colour. Or wall paper with a textured designed wall paper to create a truly opulent feeling.

3. Decide on the Right Size Furniture

Furniture should fit the room it lives in. If you have a large space, furniture that is to small will look lost. Adding a luxury tub chair or a bedding trunk at the end of the bed will use the space well, while providing needed storage. Equally, a small room with oversized dark furniture will be overpowering. But of course every room needs storage.

4. Plan for Plenty of Storage

  1. Use eye pleasing shallow boxes under the bed or on top of wardrobes.
  2. Place a trunk at the end of your bed.
  3. Put up reachable shelves for books, accessories and beauty products.
  4. Use a headboard with built-in shelves and hidden cupboards.
  5. Have bedside cabinets for those needed reachable items.
  6. Consider all your unusable spaces. Invest in bespoke custom-designed storage for these areas. Or purchase a similar storage system from a shop like Ikea, who sell storage systems for all sorts of small and seemingly unusable spaces.
  7. Place the TV on the wall to free up space.

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5. Choose a Bedroom Mirror

You may already know what accessories you will have in your bedroom. These may be personal, collectable items. The most important functional and design statements furnishings to add for the bedroom is a mirror. A bedroom mirror will add the wow factor to your room as it effortlessly blends into your interior. This may be a wall mirror or a free standing dress mirror.

Tip! The bigger the mirror, the better. A large bedroom mirror can never be to big! It will give the illusion of more light and space while making an impressive statement.

6. Include Lighting

Bedrooms look best when the lighting is layered throughout the room. Ambient lightening will brighten the whole room. While small lamps, accent lights and ornamental lighting will give soft illumination. For a perfect finish, make your lights adjustable with a dimmer switch.

7. Dress your Windows

A beautifully dressed window can make a major impact and draw together an entire look. Mounted correctly, you will enhance your decor and make your room fell bigger. When selecting curtains and blinds, think about function before style. Whether you want to filter light, create privacy, or add colour or make a statement, keep in mind your pirority.

Tip! Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling can add height to your room.

Review – How to decorate your bedroom!

Sure, your bedroom should be the retreat you deserve. Transforming your bedroom from drab to a luxurious space maybe as simple as the addition of new lamps or a wall mirror. While you want your bedroom’s style to reflect your design preferences, also the use of lush and opulent textiles will give your room the welcoming invite you deserve!

Decorate your bedroom with dark colours to create a luxurious feel.

The bedroom should be a getaway that encourages rest, calm and thought. Try to discipline yourself to keep televisions, phones, exercise machines and computers out of the bedroom. This will encourage a less distracted good nights sleep.

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