Where should a mirror be placed to make a room look bigger?

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When using a mirror to make a room bigger (well, look like it), it’s important to analyse the available spaces.

There’s nothing more annoying than going through the effort of putting up a mirror for it to look completely wrong.

While we, personally, do not adhere to this belief, some look into feng shui and mirrors; it could give you some great design ideas. It is widely acknowledged that our surroundings have the power to shape our thoughts and actions, ultimately contributing to the creation of an interior that fosters a sense of peace.

So here’s our expert guidance on mirror placements for those who want to expand their room without breaking the bank.

1. Mirrors Opposite Windows 

Placing mirrors opposite windows is a strategic interior design move that maximises natural light, creates an illusion of spaciousness, and contributes to an inviting atmosphere. Carefully selecting the right mirror size and positioning it to capture the most open area is key.

Amplifying Natural Light:
  • Mirrors capture incoming natural light and spread it across the room.
  • Instantly illuminates the space.
  • Creates a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.

Airy Atmosphere:
  • The natural reflections create a welcoming ambience.
  • Enhances the room’s visual aesthetics.
  • Uplifts the mood within a space.

Choose the Right Size:
  • Opt for a mirror that complements the size of the window and the room.
  • Smaller Room: Moderate-sized mirrors that don’t overwhelm the space.
  • Larger Room: Increase the natural light and openness with a large mirror.

Avoiding Overwhelm:
  • Balance is everything.
  • Take into consideration your room size, layout and shape.
  • If it looks like it could be too much, it probably is.

2. Mirrors on the Longest Wall

When it comes to optimising your space, the placement of mirrors on the longest wall can work wonders in transforming a room. This technique is particularly effective in creating a sense of elongation, making the room appear more spacious and open. Here’s a closer look at why and how mirrors on the longest wall can be a game-changer in your interior design:

Visual Extension:
  • Serves as a natural focal point.
  • Tricks the eye into perceiving a larger and more open space.
  • Changes the overall dynamics of a room.

Strategic Balance:
  • Pairing a large or extra-large mirror with complementary decor prevents cluttering a space.
  • Think about the existing colour palette, furniture and aesthetic.
  • Help your stand-out pieces work together.

Narrow Spaces
  • Long mirrors are especially beneficial in narrow spaces.
  • They visually stretch the room.
  • It helps counteract any feelings of confinement, making the space more inviting.

3. Mirrors Near Light Sources

A space can be brightened while simultaneously enlarging its perceived space with strategic mirror placement near light sources. This involves using the power of illumination to create a more open and inviting atmosphere. Here’s an in-depth exploration of why mirrors near light sources are a design game-changer and how to make the most of this transformative approach:

Illuminating Effect:
  • Mirrors placed close to lights multiply the illumination.
  • They effectively capture and reflect the light, distributing it throughout the room.
  • It enhances the brightness of a room and eliminates shadows.

Enhancing Artificial Lighting:
  • In a space without natural light, mirrors near artificial lights are crucial.
  • A key role in amplifying the light’s impact.
  • Creates an inviting atmosphere all day and all night.

Versatility in Design:
  • Adaptable to various room designs and styles.
  • Mirrors near light sources seamlessly integrate into the decor.
  • Consider framed mirrors that complement the overall design theme.
  • Reflects the warmth or coolness from the lightbulbs in the room.

4. Mirrors in Narrow Hallways

Mirrors are your best friend in narrow halls, offering a transformative solution to widen and brighten these potentially confined areas visually. Here’s a closer look at how strategically placing mirrors in narrow hallways can redefine their dimensions and elevate their aesthetic appeal:

Creating a Gallery Effect:
  • Vertically oriented mirrors along the hallway create a gallery-like effect.
  • This not only maximises the visual impact.
  • It transforms the hallway into a curated space.
  • Make sure you leave proper spacing between mirrors for balance.

Rectangular or Vertically Elongated Designs:
  • They are most effective when they align with the overall dimensions of the space.
  • Rectangular or vertically elongated mirror designs work best.
  • They create a harmonious visual flow that complements the hallway’s proportions.
  • These shapes add a sense of depth and elegance.

Widening the Visual Space:
  • The mirror’s main objective is to expand the hallway’s width.
  • Done well, it effectively doubles the visual space.
  • This optical trickery contributes to the hallway’s more welcoming and open feel.

5. Corner Mirrors

These aren’t just functional additions; they’re fun wall decorations that seriously change the feel of a space. Let’s delve into the art of utilising corner mirrors strategically, exploring the depth and openness they bring to a space.

Ideal Angles and Positions:
  • Consider the layout of the room when positioning corner mirrors.
  • Optimal angles and positions will vary based on the room’s architecture.
  • Experiment with placing mirrors diagonally across from each other or at right angles.

Creating Illusions of Space:
  • The reflections in mirrors can create a sense of continuous space.
  • This transforms corners from overlooked spaces into dynamic visual enhancers.

Maximising Space Reflection:
  • Corner mirrors have the unique ability to capture and reflect multiple angles.
  • This reflection contributes to a different visual experience.
  • The careful positioning of mirrors in corners maximises every inch of the room.

6. Using Multiple Mirrors 

​​The arrangement of multiple mirrors is a design technique that becomes a tasteful focal point for a room. Let’s explore the process of crafting a mirror gallery and how this arrangement can redefine the visual boundaries of a space:

Focal Point Creation:
  • This is an opportunity to create a striking focal point within a room.
  • A mirror gallery draws the eye and becomes a conversation piece.
  • It instantly elevates the room’s ambience and adds an element of intrigue.

Cohesive Arrangement:
  • Harmony is key to the success of a mirror gallery.
  • Be consistent in shapes, sizes, and frames to achieve an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.
  • Even if they’re different mirror cuts, maintaining the same type of visuals is important.

Strategic Placement:
  • Experiment with different layouts to find the best placement.
  • Consider a symmetrical pattern or a more eclectic arrangement.
  • Place emphasis on balance and visual flow to create a harmonious display.

Customising to Room Dimensions:
  • Tailor the arrangement of multiple mirrors to suit the dimensions of the room.
  • Smaller: A well-curated gallery can add depth without overwhelming the area.
  • Larger: The arrangement can be more expansive to complement the scale.

Additional Considerations

Besides figuring out where to pop those mirrors for a room glow-up, there are a couple more things to consider.

Doubling Up Mirrors

If you have a galley-style room, doubling up your mirrors can make the room seem a lot wider. The reflective surfaces amplify the natural light within the room and provide a sense of depth, making the space feel more expansive and inviting. This simple yet clever design tactic adds a touch of aesthetic charm and maximises the functionality of your galley-style room, transforming it into a more visually open and spacious environment.

Mirror Frames and Style Vibes

Do you know how frames can totally change the look of a picture? Well, the same goes for mirrors. Pick a frame style that hangs out well with your room’s vibe. Minimalist for that sleek modern look, ornate if you’re feeling a bit fancy, or maybe something contemporary if you’re all about that cool, clean style. The frame isn’t just there for support; it’s part of the design.

Safety with Big Mirrors

If you’re going big with those mirrors, safety is so important. No one wants a mirror crashing down, right? First off, check if your wall can handle the weight. And if you’re dealing with a sizeable mirror, maybe get a pro to install it. Safety first, peeps. Use the right gear—anchors, screws, all that good stuff—to make sure your mirror not only looks good but stays put.

Final Thoughts

When placing a mirror in the perfect spot, think about light, your decor and room shape to make the best choice.

You’ll know it’s the right choice when it seriously changes the feel of the space around you.

It should be an easy but important decision when choosing a mirror to make a room bigger, so try out a bit of research as you go.

Mirrors are more than mere reflective surfaces; they hold the power to transform and expand any room.

Looking to enhance your space with elegance?

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