A broken mirror. Why is it 7 years bad luck to brake a mirror?

Why is it 7 Years Bad Luck to Break a Mirror? Unveiling the Origins of the Myth

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For many, mirrors have always held a certain mystique. Why do many dread breaking one, fearing 7 years of bad luck? To unravel the enigma of this age-old superstition, we must delve into its intriguing origins and explore the cultural beliefs that have perpetuated it over time.

Why is it 7 Years Bad Luck to Break a Mirror? – The Origins of the Mirror Myth:

Centuries ago, mirrors were expensive and considered precious objects, often backed with silver or other costly materials. When someone shattered a mirror, it was indeed an unfortunate event. The idea of 7 years of bad luck stemmed from the ancient Romans, who believed that our physical and spiritual selves renewed every seven years. Breaking a mirror, they thought, disrupted this cycle, leading to a prolonged period of misfortune.

Cultural Influences:

The Romans’ superstition gradually spread, taking on various cultural interpretations as it moved through time and geography. In some cultures, the duration of bad luck varies; it could be as little as three years or as long as ten. Nevertheless, the core belief in the negative consequences of mirror breakage remains a common thread.

Folklore and the Unseen:

Another aspect of this superstition is rooted in folklore. Mirrors were believed to capture our souls, so shattering one was thought to release malevolent forces. This belief was especially prevalent in the Victorian era, where mirrors often played a prominent role in spiritual practices, further adding to the superstition’s persistence.

Modern Perspectives:

In today’s world, where mirrors are more accessible and mass-produced, the belief in 7 years of bad luck may seem quaint. Nevertheless, this superstition continues to captivate our collective imagination, reminding us of the enduring power of ancient beliefs and traditions.


The myth of 7 years of bad luck following a broken mirror may have evolved from a mix of historical beliefs and cultural influences. While many no longer take it seriously, it endures as a fascinating testament to the lasting impact of our ancestors’ superstitions and their intricate connections to the world of mirrors. So, the next time you see your reflection, take a moment to appreciate the intricate history and superstitions behind the glass.

Bad Luck or Just Unfortunate?

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