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Grey Mirrors

Grey mirrors suitable for the bathroom, bedroom, hallway, living room & dining room. A grey mirror will certainly make a design statement in your home. It is the perfect choice for a modern interior. While a glass wall mirror will create a minimalist feel, a grey mirror will certainly add a subtle statement to your interior. Mirrors complete a room and effortlessly reflect light and create the the feeling of space. With many styles, designs and sizes to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect mirror. Our collection also includes silver mirrors in modern and decorative, wall mounted and leaner styles. Many of our styles on offer are available in a number of sizes. For your convenience, here at Soraya Interiors we offer wall fixings for both plasterboard and masonry walls. Please select your required fixings before you checkout. Click here to view our ready to ship All Glass Mirrors.

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  • Roseworthy Ornate Grey & Silver Overmantle Mirror

    Roseworthy Mirror (3 Colours)

  • Stirling Antique Silver Glass Mirror

    Stirling Mirror (2 Colours)

  • Holland Black Over Mantle Mirror 93x71cm

    Holland Mirror (4 Colours)

  • Morocco Black Wood Framed Mirror

    Morocco Mirror (6 Colours)

  • Shard Silver Art Deco Mirror 122x92cm

    Shard Mirror (2 Colours)

  • Belgravia Gold Overmantle Mirror 127x112cm

    Belgravia Gold Mirror (2 Sizes)

  • Manhattan Dark Grey Circle Mirror (7 Sizes)

    Manhattan (6 Colours) (7 Sizes)

  • Bayswater Black Overmantle Mirror

    Bayswater Mirror (6 Colours)

  • Hudson Oblong Bronze Mirror

    Hudson Mirror (6 Colours)

  • Admiral Round Black Mirror

    Admiral Mirror (5 Colours)

  • Milton Frameless Round Mirror 80x80cm

    Milton Round Mirror 80cm

  • Stratford Grey Framed Bevelled Mirror

    Stratford Grey Mirror (8 Sizes)

  • Brixton Panel Grey Glass Mirror

    Brixton Mirror (3 Colours)