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Irregular Mirrors

Welcome to Soraya Interiors’ eclectic Irregular Mirrors collection, where each piece is a testament to unique craftsmanship and artistic vision. Our collection transcends traditional boundaries, offering frameless, abstract designs that are not just mirrors, but pieces of art. Perfectly suited for various spaces in your home, from the cosy corners of your living room to the welcoming hallways or the serene bedroom, these mirrors bring a blend of art and functionality. Click here to view our Funky Mirrors.

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Discover the Charm of Irregular Mirrors

Elevate your interior d├ęcor with our exceptional collection of Irregular Mirrors. These frameless, abstract marvels redefine the concept of home adornment. Offering large, striking designs, they are the ideal choice for your living room, hallway, or bedroom, infusing each space with an artistic allure.

Artistic Flair Meets Functional Brilliance: Explore our diverse range that includes an array of shapes and sizes, each crafted to enhance your home’s unique character. Whether you prefer bold, statement pieces or subtle, minimalist designs, our collection offers something for every aesthetic. Their frameless nature not only adds a modern touch but also seamlessly integrates into any decor.

Ready to Transform Your Space: These aren’t mere reflective surfaces; they are sculptural elements that play with light and space, adding a dynamic dimension to your interiors. Watch as they catch and scatter light, creating an atmosphere filled with vibrancy and warmth. Check out our guide: The Art of Reflection: Decorating Modern Homes with Irregular Mirrors.

Unlock the Power of Irregularity: Abstract mirrors empower you to design an inspiring and eye-catching atmosphere in your home or entrance. Each piece in our collection possesses the ability to infuse character and charm into your space, making a statement that resonates with your taste for the extraordinary. Brighten up your home, create the illusion of more space, and immerse yourself in the magic of art-inspired interiors with mirrors.

Ease of Installation and Versatility: Our Irregular Mirrors come ready to hang, with pre-attached fixings for easy installation in portrait or landscape orientation. This versatility allows you to create a striking feature that complements your home’s character and layout.

How to Hang an Irregular Mirror?

  1. Lay the mirror upside down, take masking tape, run it alongside the back of the mirror covering both hang straps.
  2. With a marker, transfer the holes of the hanging straps to the tape.
  3. Take the tape and put it on the wall where you want to hang the mirror.
  4. Level the tape (compensating for any angles) and mark the wall where you marked the tape. The holes will be exactly where you need them to be.
  5. Use these marks to screw your wall fixings to the wall.
  6. Guide: How To Hang A Wall Mirror and Which Fixings?

Styling Tips: Making the Most of Your Irregular Mirror:

Focal Point Wall:

Corner Elegance:

  • Utilize corners by placing irregular mirrors to brighten and open up the space.
  • Experiment with tall, vertical mirrors for a unique corner focal point.

Reflecting Nature:

  • Position irregular mirrors to reflect outdoor views or indoor greenery, bringing nature into your living space.

Layered Mirrors:

  • Experiment with layering mirrors over other decorative elements like wallpaper or textured walls.
  • This adds depth and dimension to the overall design.

Statement Entryway:

  • Make a bold statement in your entryway with an irregular mirror to welcome guests.
  • Consider mirrors with unique frames for added flair.

Mix with Traditional Decor:

  • Blend irregular mirrors with traditional furniture and decor to create a harmonious contrast.
  • This juxtaposition adds character to the living space.

Remember, personal style and preferences play a crucial role in decorating with irregular mirrors. Feel free to experiment, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your arrangements.

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