How to Hang a Mirror On Plasterboard?

Hang a Mirror on Plasterboard Wall: A Comprehensive Guide

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Learn how to hang a heavy mirror on a plasterboard wall effortlessly with the right fixings. Read our guide on which fixings to purchase and how to hang a mirror on a plasterboard wall?

Top tip: Create a mirror placement template on paper and secure it to the wall with blue tac for optimal planning.

What is a Plasterboard Wall?

Plasterboard, introduced in 1927, is a key component in modern construction. Plasterboard, also known as drywall or gypsum board, is a construction material consisting of a gypsum core sandwiched between layers of paper, used for creating interior walls and ceilings in buildings.

Here in the UK, plasterboard typically comes in various thicknesses, with the most common being 9mm and 12mm, catering to different construction and insulation requirements.

Identify Your Plasterboard Wall Types

1. Plain plasterboard wall.

2. Plasterboard wall with wooden studs.

3. Plasterboard on a masonry wall with dot and dab.

What Plasterboard Wall Fixings Should I Use?

Spiral Plasterboard Fixings:

  • Ideal for mirrors weighing up to 14kg.

  • Suitable for a plain plasterboard wall.

  • Easy installation with a metal deep outer thread.

  • Not suitable for stud walls or dot and dab walls.

Installation is effortless with spiral fixings, featuring a deep outer thread that securely grips British plasterboard. Perfectly suited for standard plasterboard thickness, these fixings require only a screwdriver for installation. However, they are not suitable for use with studs or dot and dab walls. Spiral fixings are free with any mirror purchase at Soraya Interiors.

GripIt Plasterboard Fixings:

  • Perfect for mirrors weighing up to 74kg.
  • Suitable for plain plasterboard walls, stud walls and dot & dab walls.
  • Features wings that distribute weight across the wall.
  • Suitable for various plasterboard thicknesses and can be reused.

The brand Gripit plasterboard fixings gained popularity for their innovative design. Gripit fixings are designed to provide a secure anchor for heavy loads in plasterboard walls. They typically consist of a screw and a uniquely shaped plastic anchor that expands behind the plasterboard, creating a strong and reliable hold. Shop GripIt Fixings Kit Here

Hang a Mirror on a Plasterboard Wall

Gather your tools and materials: plasterboard fixings, pencil, tape measure, spirit level, and a screwdriver or standard drill.

Before starting: check for electric cables and pipes in the wall. Avoid drilling above or below light switches or plug sockets.

Option A:

  1. Use a pencil to mark the wall where you want the top and center of your mirror to be. You can do this by eye or measure it out.
  2. On the back of the mirror, locate the center and mark it with a pencil. Measure the distance from the center of the mirror to the center of the mirror hook on each strap hanger and note this measurement.
  3. Measure from the top of the mirror frame down to the center of the hollow ring on each strap hanger, noting the measurements. Do not assume the hanging straps are at an equal level.
  4. Transfer these measurements to the wall using your spirit level and tape measure. Double-check that your marks on the wall align with the strap hangers and ensure they are level.
  5. Depending on the wall fixings you have, position and screw the spiral fixing on your wall fixing mark, ensuring it is flush with the wall.

Option B:

  1. Lay the mirror upside down, take masking tape, run it alongside the back of the mirror covering both hang straps.
  2. With a marker, transfer the holes of the hanging straps to the tape.
  3. Stick the masking tape to the wall where you want to hang the mirror.
  4. Level the tape (compensating for any angles) and mark the wall where you marked the tape. The holes will be exactly where you need them to be.
  5. Use these marks to screw your wall fixings to the wall.

How to Hang a Mirror on Stud or Dot and Dab Wall?

  1. Drill Hole: Use an 18mm flat head drill bit to create a hole in the desired location.
  2. Undercutting Tool: Attach the 18mm undercutting tool to your drill to create a recess in studs or dot and dab plaster, allowing GripIt wings to open.
  3. Fix GripIt: Insert GripIt fixing into the hole. You may need to light tap this with a hammer.
  4. Mirror Hook Installation: Attach the mirror hook over the GripIt fixing and secure it with the screw using a screwdriver. As you screw the wings will fully open behind the wall.

Follow these steps, and you’ll confidently hang a mirror on your plasterboard wall, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Hang a Mirror On Plasterboard Wall – Watch How

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