Garden Mirror Wall Fixings

GARDEN MIRROR WALL FIXINGS. Suitable for solid masonry walls and wooden structures. Our Garden Mirrors feature between 1-3 key hole hooks already in place.


Garden Mirror Wall Fixings Pack Includes:

3 x Wall Plugs (7 mm)

3 x Stainless Steel Screws (1 1/2″ 38 mm)


PLEASE NOTE: Use the required amount of fixings for the mirror you have purchased. Masonry Wall: Use the required amount of wall plugs and screws. Wooden Structure: Use the required amount of screws. We can not be held responsible for any damage incurred to the mirror or your property while you or a professional hangs your purchased mirror. If you choose not to hang your mirror, please watch that it does not blow over in the wind. It is our customers responsibility to select the correct wall fixings. We do not offer a wall hanging service. These wall fixings are complimentary with your mirror purchase.


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