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MASONRY WALL FIXINGS – For internal and external use. With the wall plugs this kit is suitable for all solid walls, including tiled walls, concrete, brickwork, stone and block work walls. For wooden structures, only use the required amount of screws. Stainless steel size 10 (2″) PZ round head screws. The 8mm wall plug is a plastic expansion wall plug with anti-rotation lugs to prevent spin.


Masonry Wall Fixings Pack Includes: 

3 x Fischer Wall Plugs (8 x 40 mm)

3 x Stainless Steel Screws (10 ga x 2)


PLEASE NOTE: Our wall hanging mirrors are delivered with hanging straps. If hanging straps are already attached to your mirror, do not remove them but use them to hang your mirror. It is our customers responsibility to select the correct wall fixings. We can not be held responsible for any damage incurred to the mirror or your property while you or a professional hangs your purchased mirror. Masonry Wall: Use the required amount of wall plugs and screws for your particular mirror. Wooden Structure: Use the required amount of screws for your particular mirror.


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