Living Room Mirror Ideas

The living room, for many, is  the room that says who you are! So when choosing a living room mirror it is worth considering your personal style, the present decor or are you going to re decorating? Finally, the light in your room and how you want to play with it. What is your vision for this inviting space? Or maybe it’s the lack of light and space you are trying to work with. A popular mirror for the living room is an over mantle mirror and here at Soraya Interiors well sell a lovely range of classic over mantle mirrors in a number of colours. Saying that, maybe you want to add a striking focal point and make a statement with an extra large decorative mirror. We have chosen a selection of wall mirrors that we have found to be a popular choice for the living room, but of course this is just to inspire you! Any one of our many mirrors will make a stunning living room mirror.

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Where to hang your Living Room Mirror?

If you have chosen an extra large wall mirror, then remember you mirror doesn’t have to be hung! Maybe it could be placed on a shelf or furniture or leant against the wall. Most living rooms have one or two large walls. Use this space you make a statement with a beautiful large mirror hanging against a featured wall.

How to hang your Living Room Mirror?

If you are hanging your mirror on a plasterboard wall then here at Soraya Interiors we sell Grip It Plasterboard Fixings to do just the job. But maybe you needing to hang your mirror on a solid brick wall. So please be sure to use the correct fixings.