Are Garden Mirrors a Fire Risk?

Are Garden Mirrors a Fire Risk?

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A garden mirror is a fantastic addition to your outside space. It will reflect the beauty of your garden, while making it appear lighter and give the illusion of a bigger area. As well as being a decorative accessory, an outdoor mirror will add another dimension to your outside space. But the question many ask before purchasing one is, are garden mirrors safe?

Are Garden Mirrors a Fire Risk? In short, they are perfectly safe as long as they are used sensibly. In this article we will discuss any potential issues you could have with a garden mirror, and help ensure you can relax and enjoy your outside space. You will also find tips and inspiration to make your gardens more beautiful.

What material is best for an outdoor mirror?

External mirrors are made from real glass or plastic acrylic. A garden mirror featuring glass is heavier. Although, if only positioned against a tree or a wall, could fall over in the wind and smash. A glass surface is much harder, making it less likely to scratch from foliage and passing animals. If you choose to only position your mirror against a tree or garden wall, then try and use the mirror hooks on the back and with garden wire create a fixture. A garden mirror frame can be made of metal or plastic. Plastic over time will become brittle, on the other hand, although a metal framed mirror will patina, this will only enhance the look of the mirror. A metal mirror can also be painted.

External mirrors and birds.

Another concern for some, are birds flying into them. But this happens far less than you may think. Over time the glass will become less shiny and blend into nature as it becomes weathered with rain, dust and cobwebs, making it more noticeable for birds. Also, most mirrors feature lattice metal work covering the expanse of the glass, making it far more visible to wildlife.

Could an outside mirror cause a fire?

From our experience, problems with garden mirrors are rare, but at the same time this is a realistic concern. You know your garden best, when and where the sun is at its hottest, so position them sensibly. Although a fire can be started with a mirror and the sun, you do need to have it angled right and have flammable products nearby. Consider if it’s best to position it on a slight angle, or to hang it vertically on your garden fence or wall. Over time, hedging and plants may grow over and in front of your mirror making your mirror a less direct source to the sun’s rays. If this is the case, keep such foliage well watered in the summer months. This will prevent them from drying out and becoming a hazard from the reflection. It is also a good idea to keep nearby grass well watered.

Many purchase an outdoor mirror to be positioned in a shady place, this will lighten and brighten the area while being a perfect place to hang or position a mirror.

Are garden mirrors a good idea?

In short, yes! A garden mirror is an excellent addition to any garden, balcony or outside space. They have the power to absolutely transform your area, adding a new dimension to your garden. They will instantly increase the sense of space and reflect light into more shady spots.

How to maintain your outdoor mirror?

If you choose to keep the glass clean, we recommend doing so with warm water and a little soap. Due to exposure to the elements, a garden mirror in time will patina. While most like this look and find it blends easily with nature, if you wish to maintain the metal frame, then we suggest using Rust-Oleum, a product designed for outdoor metal. This can be purchased from a DIY store.

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