Evergreen Window Garden Mirror (2 Sizes)

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  • Evergreen Mirror, Available in 2 Sizes
  • Distressed Cream & Green Metal Frame
  • 4mm Frost Protected Glass
  • Corrugated Plastic Backing
  • Ready to Hang Outside or Inside
  • 3 Keyhole Hooks for Hanging
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Product Description

Evergreen Window Garden Mirror

The perfect blend of elegance and functionality for your outdoor oasis. The Evergreen will amplify the natural splendor of your outside space. You may also like the Emerald mirror. The Evergreen is available in two sizes:

  • (H) 140cm x (W) 56cm (4ft 7.1″ x 1ft 10″) (12kg)
  • (H) 159cm x (W) 66cm (5ft 2.5″ x 2ft 1.9″) (15kg)

Key Features:

Versatile Design: Available in two sizes, this fabulous garden mirror is designed to instantly elevate the style of your outdoor space. Whether you have a cozy courtyard or a sprawling garden, the Evergreen Window Garden Mirror effortlessly adds glamour wherever it’s placed.

Distressed Green Finish: The mirror features an arched metal frame finished in a charming two-tone distressed green color. This rustic yet chic aesthetic adds character and charm to any outdoor setting, complementing a variety of decor styles.

Seamless Integration: With its timeless design, the Evergreen Mirror seamlessly blends into any outdoor environment. Whether surrounded by lush greenery or against a bare wall, this mirror becomes a natural focal point, enhancing the beauty of its surroundings.

Indoor-Outdoor Versatility: While designed for outdoor use, this mirror is versatile enough to hang indoors as well. Whether in a sunroom, kitchen, or living room, bring a touch of the outdoors inside with this stunning piece.

Easy Installation: The Evergreen Window Garden Mirror comes ready to hang with keyhole hooks already in place. Installation is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without delay.

Ready to Hang: The Evergreen has 3 upside down keyhole hooks on the back of each mirror size.


Elevate your outdoor space with the Evergreen Window Garden Mirror – a timeless addition that reflects the beauty of nature while adding sophistication to your surroundings. You may ask: Are garden mirrors a fire hazard? Explore our in-depth guide where we address potential issues related to garden mirrors, offering valuable insights to assist you in making well-informed choices.


An outdoor window mirror invites contemplation and offers a tranquil sanctuary amidst the chaos of everyday life. Experience the pleasure of a garden mirror: a simple yet enchanting addition that elevates the ambiance of any outdoor setting. Alternatively, view our Garden mirror collection.