How to Achieve a Stylish Home?

How to Achieve a Stylish Home?

How to Achieve a Stylish Home? Drastic measures are not required to make our home look like a magazine cover. To create the ideal interior, you just need to know a few simple tricks. 

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Few of us could afford a interior designer. But there is an affordable alternative. A perfect home is achievable, resulting from our own efforts. Undertake the project yourself! Who best to know your style, the room layout and how your space is to be used then yourself. Be your own interior designer.

Perhaps you have a blank room to work with. Or you just can’t decide, maybe you like many different designs. If you find yourself struggling to bring it all together, then here are a few more tips on how you can narrow the choices down.

Identifying your own style

The purpose of an interior designed room should be to achieve the best possible surroundings and functions for all those who will use the room. It must be a room you are proud of. Identifying and developing your own style is vital to the success of making it a stylish interior. Once you have identified your style, you will have the confidence to make decisions with your hard earned money.

How to find your style?

If you are unsure of your style, start by getting inspiration from real life sources and home magazines. Collect together pictures and written ideas.  If there is just one aspect or colour you like, then circle it for reference. Create a collage of your collected ideas.

It’s worth walking around your own home, and writing down the things you have that you like. Maybe, you have things boxed up from a recent move. Explore what you already own for inspiration. You may be surprised with what you find and what you fall in love with again! Inspiration can come from inside and outside spaces. Think of places you have been, the impact it had on you.

Consider your room layout

It’s important to create a space that works for you and your family. Define your needs. Consider what furniture you will be using. Do you need more storage? What are your favourite areas of the room? Work with the natural light that comes into the room and take advantage of it. It may be useful to list the activities your room will be used for. For example, are you an avid reader, do you use a computer, watch TV, play games and have children? Your interior may need to have the potential to evolve and adapt. You may find it helpful to measure and draw a layout of your room and sketch out your ideas.

Choosing the right colour

The colour you chose will greatly contribute to the success of the room. Many have difficulty deciding on colour, but with a few tips we will help you. Try and establish your colour preferences early on, this will help reveal your style. For example, you may veer towards earth tone bold colours revealing a vintage style, bold bright colours showing your retro side or bright and light showing your modern side. This then gives you a starting point, helping you to decide upon fabrics, furniture, patterns, flooring and accessories.

When confronted with a paint chart or fabric book, you may find yourself being catch up in the moment and falling for every shade and style. Choosing the wrong colour may prove to be an expensive mistake.

  1. Use tester pots and wallpaper samples.
  2. Paint on your chosen wall.
  3. View the colour at different times of day.
  4. Consider the chosen colour under natural and artificial light.
  5. Do the colour choices flow within the room and leading into the next.
  6. Place your chosen furniture and fabrics against the sample walls.

Remember: What may end up being the predominant interior colour, may not on its own look much, it may not be a colour you would pick out normally but with the sofa in front of it, the curtains next to it or the accessories upon it this may transform what seems to be a dull colour or tone. So experiment with a few random colours to help with the decision process.

Combine art with your lighting

Cast an elegant or contemporary ambience over your interior with a decorative or modern array of ceiling lighting. Impressive ceiling lights will create a focal point and give the ‘wow factor’ to your room. Make a bold statement with featuring more than one eye catching ceiling lights.

Long curtains create the illusion of large windows

Sleek, panel curtains make a room look more spacious when the rod is mounted close to the ceiling. Floor length curtains draw the eye upwards, creating an illusion of height.

Refresh furniture with new handles

Beauty is in the detail! In this case, give your drawers and cabinets a makeover. Think of the handles like jewellery, but for your furniture. They are easy to unscrew and replace. Choose something a bit more statement-making.

Hide annoying wires

Wires are a necessary evil, but hide them. It may take a little thought and planning but it will be well worth the effort.

Hang a wall mirror

A well chosen and well positioned wall mirror may be all your room requires to complete your decor.

Extra large mirrors give the illusion of space. A mirror can never be to big! The bigger the mirror, the bigger the design statement.

Small mirrors still reflect light. Hang a number of small mirrors together. You’ll be reflecting more light and creating a design statement.

Framed mirrors look more luxurious. A large traditional framed mirror will always add a glamorous feel to any room.

Create a family photo wall

Gather your favourite family photos and bring them to life in your home. Pick a theme, order your prints and purchase a collection of matching or mismatching frames.

Showcase your ceiling

View your ceiling as your fifth wall. Done right, a painted ceiling can take any room in your home to new stylish heights! A darker painted ceiling will make a the room feel more intimate.

Accent a wall

Feature walls provide a great opportunity to experiment with colour and pattern. They quickly liven up a space with ease. Whether you decide on paint or wall paper, make sure the colour or pattern you choose, complements the rest of the room.

Feature your radiator

Don’t hide your radiator – it can become a feature! Change your current radiator for a traditional vertical or horizontal column radiator. Make a statement with the rooms necessities!

We hope the above ideas and tips have helped you narrow down the choices. Assisted you in identifying your own style. Be sure, we all have taste and style, find what yours is and flaunt it.

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