How to Hang a Mirror On a Plasterboard Wall?

Heavy mirrors can be hung on a plasterboard wall! You just need the correct plasterboard wall fixings. Read our ultimate guide on How to Hang a Mirror On a Plasterboard Wall? Purchase the correct wall fixings.

How to Hang a Mirror On a Plasterboard Wall?

First consider, is your wall just plasterboard or does it also feature wooden studs and dot & dab? Second, purchase the correct fixings to hang your mirror.

Plasterboard wall types

  • Plasterboard wall.
  • Plasterboard wall featuring stud work.
  • Plasterboard installed in front of a masonry wall, featuring bonding adhesive known as dot and dab.

What is a plasterboard wall?

Plasterboard consists of two layers of lining paper holding a inner layer of plaster in place. Plaster, known as gypsum, is a soft mineral. In the arts and medical field, dehydrated gypsum is known as plaster of Paris. Plaster is very useful for casting and construction.

Plasterboard was introduced and adopted by the British building industry in 1927. Today, plasterboard is used as a finish for internal walls and ceilings, known in the construction world as drywall, or plasterboard.

What plasterboard wall fixings to use?

There are many types of plasterboard fixings on the market. We will highlight two. Spiral plasterboard fixings and GripIt plasterboard fixings.

Spiral plasterboard fixings

Spiral plasterboard fixings are suitable for hanging mirrors weighing up to 14 kgs. (See image below) These are very easy to install. A deep outer thread is used to grip the plasterboard. Whilst short in length, these are ideal for the thickness of British plasterboard. Only a screwdriver is needed to install these spiral fixings. These are not suitable for gripping a stud or a dot and dab wall.

GripIt plasterboard fixings

GripIt plasterboard fixings, perfect for hanging mirrors weighing up to a staggering 74 kgs! (See image below) The 18mm fixing features wings on the back, these rotate and open out which distributes the weight across the wall. These fixings reduce the space needed in the wall cavity. The fixing can be adjusted to the thickness of the plasterboard and can be removed and reused. A 18mm flat head drill bit will create the required hole. A 18mm undercutting tool will create the recess if your plasterboard wall features a stud or dot and dab.

Plasterboard featuring stud work

Stud work is the supportive framework of a plasterboard wall or partition. A stud wall comprises of a timber frame. This is secured to the floor, ceiling and walls. Plasterboard covers the timber frame. The studs are the centre parts. A stud wall features vertical timbers. We recommend using stud detector. A plasterboard wall featuring stud work, where the stud is positioned where a mirror hook is to be installed, will require GripIt fixings with an undercutting tool.

Plasterboard featuring dot and dabs

Dot and dab is plasterboard stuck directly onto a masonry wall with plasterboard adhesive. There is normally a gap between the plasterboard and the masonry wall behind. For the stake of hanging a mirror, you would view this as a plasterboard wall. A plasterboard wall featuring dot and dab, and the plaster is positioned where a mirror fixing is to be installed, will require GripIt fixings with an undercutting tool. (See image below)

How to hang a mirror on a plasterboard wall?

Tools and Materials needed: Your plasterboard fixings of choice, pencil, tape measure, spirit level a screwdriver or a standard drill.

IMPORTANT. First, check the wall for electric cables and pipes. Never drill above or below light switches or plug sockets. 

  1. With a pencil mark the on the wall place where you want the top and centre of your mirror to be. Do this by eye or measure it out.
  2. On the rear of the mirror, find the centre of your mirror and mark with a pencil.
  3. Measure the distance from the centre of the mirror, out to centre of the mirror hook on each strap hanger. Write this down.
  4. Measure from the top of the mirror frame down to the centre of the hollow ring on each strap hanger. (Measure each strap hanger as it may not be the same measurement.) Write this down.
  5. Transfer these measurements using your spirit level and tape measure on to the wall where you will hang the mirror.
  6. Double check that your marks on the wall line up with the strap hangers and that they are level.
  7. Depending on the wall fixings you are using, position and screw the spiral fixing on your wall fixing mark. The spiral fixings should be flush with the wall. If using GripIt fixings, with the 18mm flat head drill bit, drill the required holes. The above video will assist you. See below if your plasterboard wall features a stud or a dot and dab wall.
  8. With your fixings are in place, hang your mirror using the strap hangers on the back of the mirror.

How to hang a mirror on a stud wall or dot and dab wall?

  1. After deciding where your fixing needs to go, drill a hole with your 18mm flat head drill bit.
  2. Attach the 18mm under cutting tool to your drill and insert into the pre-drilled hole. This tool will make a recess in the wooden stud or the dot & dab plaster. This will allow the wings on the back of the fixing to open.
  3. Slot the GripIt fixing into the hole, you may need a little force.
  4. Grab your mirror hook and screw. Position this over the GripIt fixing.
  5. Using a screwdriver, screw in place. The wings will open.

Top tip: To plan the best place for your mirror, using paper, make a template. Blue tac this to your wall.

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