Paint Finishes Explained.

Paint Finishes Explained.

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Paint Finishes Explained. Choosing the right paint sheen level for your interior is important as it will completely transform the look of your walls. Before you decorate make sure you consider and understand the different finishes of paint, so you can make the most of your space and achieve the right finish. Choosing colours for your home can be very challenging but first of all give thought to the paint type you will use. Thanks to modern paint technology there is a paint for every type of surface. Learn the difference between the paints – Matt, Eggshell, Satin, and Gloss.

Paint finishes explained – Choosing the right type of paint.

Which paint type?Choosing the right type of paint –

Matt paint:

Matt paint is smooth, flat and easy to apply. Use Matt paint on walls with imperfections, as the imperfections are less likely to show up. It is not a good idea to use Matt paint in the bathroom or kitchen as splashes from water, soap and grease are hard to clean. Best for walls and ceilings in the bedroom, dining room and hallway.

Choosing the right type of paint –

Eggshell paint:

Eggshell paint has a delicate low-sheen finish which is a great choice for the living-room or bedroom. It sits somewhere in between matt and satin paints and gives a lovely classic look to woodwork. Eggshell has a washable finish that can be easily touched up over time. Great if you want a heritage style look with a tough finish.

Choosing the right type of paint –

Satin paint:

Satin paint features a silky mid-sheen finish. It is an excellent choice for woodwork and walls. Ideal for the family room, children’s bedrooms, the kitchen and bathroom. With its smooth pearl-like finish you are able to carefully wipe marks. A satin finish on woodwork helps to hide imperfections and gives the colour a softer appearance.

Choosing the right type of paint –

Gloss paint:

Gloss paint has a very shiny finish designed for woodwork. Although highly durable, gloss is rarely used on walls because it shows up imperfections like a mirror. It is hugely practical and adds a great contrast to walls that are painted in a matt finish. It is typically used on woodwork and works well on surfaces that are smooth. Gloss paint is very easy to clean.

IMG_6751 This hallway features a striking matt painted wall accessorized with an elegnat constrasting Rococo Mirror from Soraya Interiors – Decortaive Wall Mirrors Online. Here at Soraya Interiors we sell a large range of elegant Rococo Mirrors that make a impressive feature for the hallway, bedroom, bathroom or living-room.

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Once you have decided on which type of paint to use, you need to choose the finished colour finish for your walls, ceilings and woodwork in your interior. Our next blog will help you choose from the many stunning colours on offer: Which colour paint?

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