Wall Mirrors Aid your Childs Development

Wall Mirrors Aid your Childs Development

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How wall mirrors aid your child’s development. Mirrors in the home can do more than just be a home accessory. A wall mirror can actually aid your child’s development; giving your infant a new sense of self.

Learning to Follow and Focus

One of the first things your babies can learn from a mirror is how to follow and focus on different parts of the face. Placing a mirror in front of them, or  while they sit on your lap, give them a good view themselves in the mirror. Touching different parts of your baby’s face while they watch will help them learn to follow the movement and examine the different parts of the face both independently and together.

Forming a Sense of Self

Very young babies won’t be able to recognise themselves in the mirror at first, although they are often fascinated by them. In fact, letting your babies see themselves in the mirror can often turn a fussy child into a curious one. Allowing your littles one to spend more time with the mirror will help them learn to recognise themselves and develop a greater sense of self. Before they turn one, your baby will start to understand that the face in the mirror is their own.

Practicing Facial Expressions

The ability to see themselves in the mirror gives your children a chance to practice their facial expressions. Making faces at themselves in the mirror lets them understand what they look like and mimic expressions they’ve seen in other people. This can help them develop both better communication skills and a greater emotional intelligence.

Stimulating Creativity

Wall mirrors can also become a fun creative tool for older children.  Give your children a washable marker. They can use the marker to give themselves funny faces, interesting backgrounds, or cartoon friends in the mirror. Take a picture to commemorate their artwork, wipe it off and let them make a new picture. This will require regular mirror cleaning, read How to clean a wall mirror?

Mirrors in your home create an opportunity for organic and fun discovery for your baby or young child. Give them plenty of opportunities to observe themselves and practice facial expressions in the mirror. This will help them to learn to communicate with the world and become their own individual selves.

  • Full-length mirrors: Full length mirrors become a larger canvas for imaginative play, allowing them to explore their full body movements and expressions
  • Free-standing mirrors: These offer mobility, turning any space into a stage for self-discovery.
  • Round mirrors: With their unique shape, add a touch of whimsy to creative endeavors.

Mirror Safety

Most mirrors are made from glass, so please be sure to oversee your child with a mirror. A free standing mirror is movable and potentially could collapse over them. Please be safe and keep safe. Full length mirrors on the other hand are hung on the wall but are low enough for children.

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