Art Deco Mirrors

Shop Art Deco mirrors from Soraya Interiors UK. Art Deco mirrors create a striking feature to your interior. Our collection features different geometric shapes, patterns and bold contrasting designs. As a result this style will give your room a lavish dramatic look. If you are looking for a more subtle all glass mirror, then please view our Glass Wall Mirror collection. All our mirrors are delivered free within the UK and just in case, we offer free returns! Mirrors ready to hang on delivery.

Art Deco design was an influential visual arts design. Interestingly, art deco first appeared in France after the first World War. Industrialization helped transform culture. Hence, as it embraced technology, this eclectic theme was created. Noteworthy, Art deco combines a variety of styles and elements from different historical styles. An example of this, is the impressive Art deco spire of the Chrysler Building in New York City built in 1928-1930. Art deco style is both elegant and bold. Therefore, with a large collection of 1920 style mirrors we are sure you will find the mirror that suits your taste and interior. enjoy browsing!

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