Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom mirrors have moved toward becoming to some degree a need in everybody’s bathroom. Whether you are at a friends home or in the washroom of a restaurant, it’s not very often you find a bathroom that doesn’t have a useful and beautiful bathroom mirror brightening the walls. For some, bathrooms are one of the smallest room’s in the home. The saving of space is essential while creating a relaxing and tranquil space for you to take a soak in the bathtub!

Finding the right mirror can create the illusion of space and light as well as add the wow factor to your bathroom décor. Whether you choose to add a decorative or modern mirror, aim to add depth, texture and light to your bathroom while revamping your existing décor. In busy occupied family homes the bathroom is often the busiest room in the house. It needs to suit everyone’s needs, while being a space you are happy to enter. Shop at Soraya Interiors and enjoy free UK delivery and just in case, free returns.

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Where to hang your Bathroom Mirror?

Your bathroom mirror may lend itself to having a number of great places to be hung. The popular choice is over the sink. But for many this is not possible due to the bathroom window! While you may think of a conventional bathroom mirror being rectangular or square, a round bathroom mirror offers a wonderful contrast to what is  often a small linear room. Here at Soraya Interiors we have a varied range of simple and funky round mirrors which are suitable for the bathroom. Maybe you wish to stick to the nautical ship feel with a round glass mirror. Yet again, a heavy decorative framed mirror will make a stunning statement in a modern bathroom.

How to hang your Bathroom Mirror?

If you are hanging your mirror on a plasterboard wall then here at Soraya Interiors we sell Grip It Plasterboard Fixings to do just the job. But maybe you needing to hang your mirror on a tiled wall. So please be sure to use the correct fixings.