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Where To Hang A Mirror?

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Where to hang a mirror? There’s nothing like a room with a mirror! You may wish to purchase one but can’t decide where it should go!

Where to hang a wall mirror?

  • Living Room Mirror. You may wish to make the most of the afternoon light so place the mirror on the wall opposite the window. If you want to achieve more light in your living room, hang the mirror on the right or left hand wall to the window.
  • Kitchen & Dining Room Mirror. The kitchen or dining room is one of the most popular spaces for a dramatic mirror. Often the hub of the home or the place many friend gather, a wall mirror will create an instant wow factor. Especially if there’s modern pendent light or a beautiful chandelier to reflect. If you feel the exposed bulbs will create to much glaze, try an antique glass mirror to diffuse it.
  • Bedroom Mirror. A full length mirror is the perfect choice for any bedroom! A full length mirror makes dressing so convenient. You have. number of options. Hang a wall mirror on the wall, position a leaner mirror against an available wall or purchase and position a free standing mirror. If you are out of space hang it on the bedroom door or closet door.
  • Bathroom Mirror. Although a bathroom mirror gets clouded, you could not live without it. Over the sink is the most popular place. A mirror over the bathtub can help make a small bath look larger. Bathroom are often small spaces, so a hanging a mirror in the bathroom will instantly make it feel more spacious and lighter.
Where to hang a mirror? In the bathroom.
  • Hallway Mirrors. It’s a wonderful idea to hang a mirror near your front door. You’ll be able to do a last-minute check on your hair before answering the door! A dark long hallway will instantly appear more spacious with a strategically-placed mirror. This will help reflect what little light there may be.
  • Office Mirror. If your desk faces the wall, you might consider hanging a mirror above it. It will make your home office area feel larger and brighter. It will reflect the area making your space feel bigger and it will give you an idea of what’s is going on behind you.
  • Fireplace Mirror. A perfect way to add warmth to the room is to install a mirror over the fireplace. An over mantle mirror will reflect the activities in the room. To make the room feel bigger, hang a mirror either side of the fireplace.
  • Children’s Bedroom Mirror. Children love looking at themselves in a mirror. A mirror at the eye level of a child not only keeps them occupied but encourages a child to talk, inspect and imagine. Be sure that the mirror is hung well against the wall.

Top tip: If you are concerned if a mirror will look to big or to small against your chosen wall. Using newspaper, cut out and stick together the overall size of your mirror. Then blue tac the newspaper cutout to the wall.

Where To Hang A Mirror? Brought to you by Soraya Interiors UK. Your next concern may be ‘how to hang a wall mirror‘. Most mirrors purchased featured hanging straps that have already been attached to the back of the mirror or frame. But you will need to purchase the correct wall fixings. Different fixings are required if you are hanging upon a plasterboard wall compared to a solid masonry wall. Here at Soraya Interiors UK you can purchase you mirror wall fixings for many wall types.

Perhaps you are looking for a truly unique mirror! Here at Soraya Interiors we sell a large and varied range of stock mirror but we are also pleased to offer a bespoke service. We are suppliers of Yearn Glass Mirrors in London. As a team, we can work to your requirements to produce a mirror of your dreams, a mirror that suits you and your interior. Happy shopping!

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