Oldham Round Antique Glass Mirror (3 Sizes)

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  • Oldham Mirror, Available in 3 Sizes
  • Antique Style 4mm Float Glass
  • Polished Edge Finish
  • 15mm Black Timber Backing
  • Ready to Hang with 2 Hanging Straps
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Product Description

Oldham Round Antique Glass Mirror

Elevate your living space with the Oldham Round Antique Glass Mirror, a versatile and sophisticated addition to any interior. This classic frameless mirror seamlessly blends the charm of antique glass with a design that complements both modern and traditional decor schemes. You may also like the Bordeaux mirror. The Oldham is available in three sizes:

  • 60cm Diameter (1ft 11.6″) (4kg)
  • 80cm Diameter (2ft 7.5″) (7kg)
  • 100cm Diameter (3ft 3.3″) (11kg)

Antique Style Glass: The Oldham Mirror offers flexibility to suit various spaces. The foxed antique style  glass exudes timeless elegance, creating a focal point that captivates and enhances the aesthetic of your room.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, each mirror features polished edge glass, adding a touch of refinement to its overall design. The result is a mirror that not only reflects your style but also stands the test of time.

Easy Installation with Hanging Straps: Designed for convenience, the Oldham Mirror comes equipped with two hanging straps attached to the back of each mirror. Effortlessly install and position your mirror to achieve the perfect look in any room.

Versatility Meets Timeless Design: Whether adorning the walls of a contemporary living room or enhancing the charm of a traditional bedroom, the Oldham Round Antique Glass Mirror effortlessly blends into any interior setting. Its versatility makes it a must-have for those seeking a timeless yet adaptable design.


Transform your space with the Oldham Round Antique Glass Mirror—where antique charm meets contemporary style. Embrace the timeless allure and make a statement in your home with this exceptional piece. View our Round Mirror Collection.


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