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Choosing & Purchasing a Living Room Mirror.

Have you ever gone into someone’s home and after settling down on the couch you have realised something is missing. How long does it take you to realise what it is? If you don’t see it hanging on the wall then you may feel obligated to suggest it. ‘Your room would look lovely with a living room mirror!’.

One of those must have accessories for your living room is a mirror! Aside from its functional use, a wall mirror will add a touch of luxury and elegance to almost any room in your home. A living room mirror will successfully open up your living room and complete the look.

Maybe you have been searching for the perfect mirror for some time. Decorative Wall Mirrors featuring an attractive ornate frame are a popular choice to hang against any home decor, whether it be modern or a more traditional design.

If you are thinking about purchasing a living room mirror, there are a few things that you should consider first:

The purpose of your living room mirror.

Ask yourself a couple of questions. Is the mirror for decoration or to check your appearance before leaving the home? Do you want the mirror to be a statement piece or to blend effortlessly into your living room interior? Are you needing to create more light and the feeling of space?

What shape living room mirror do you want.

The wall mirrors available on the market today are so varied in shape, design and size. Maybe the positioning of the mirror will control the shape of the mirror you will purchase. To give you some ideas: Will a round wall mirror look eye catching or out of place? Does the space require a full length wall mirror but hung landscape? This will look stunning above the sofa or sideboard. Or would a rectangular framed wall mirror look best?

The size of living room mirror.

Give thought to how large the living room mirror should be. Personally, I love oversized statement mirrors. It gives the most luxurious grand opulent feel to the room and is always the talking point when visitors arrive! As well as opening up the space and giving the room a more open plan feel, your mirror will reflect more light around the room.

What style of living room mirror do you want?

You need to decide what is your style. It may be that you want to contrast your mirror against your decor. This is a popular ever growing interior design style that will look really effective. Or perhaps you want your living room mirror to blend in subtly into your interior. If it is elegnace you are after, then choose a gilded decorative framed mirror. At Soraya interiors we sell a large range of decorative framed wall mirrors. Most of our framed mirrors come in a choice of up to 7 sizes in Gold, Silver, Black, Cream, Ivory or White. For a minimalist look, why not purchase a frameless wall mirror.

Choosing & purchasing a living room mirror.

Here at Soraya Interiors we specialise in selling wall mirrors for your home. We sell a fantastic varied range of Living Room Mirrors. If you have any questions about the mirrors we sell and where they can be hung, then please contact us. All our mirrors are delivered FREE within mainland UK. Pay with Paypal online or over the phone. Or just BACS us on checkout.

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