Garden Design Ideas - Garden Mirrors

Garden Design Ideas – Garden Mirrors

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A garden is never finished! It is a wonderful space that evolves from season-to-season and year-to-year. If you are an experienced gardener, you will know this to be the case. No doubt, you work tirelessly to beautify your outdoor space.

Or maybe your garden is in desperate need of attention! Are looking for inspiration that provides low maintenance to transform what is a small space, into a inviting and relaxing area for those warm evenings.

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary space, a sunny or shaded garden, courtyard or balcony, we are sure that you will find inspiration from our garden design ideas.

1. Get your lawn into good shape

The lawn is often the biggest space in your garden. If your lawn is in a good, strong shape, it will set your entire garden on the right track. It doesn’t have to be perfectly shaped into a rectangle. Try a circular, oval or oblong shape. but most important, is the condition of your grass. A well treated, well watered lawn costs little yet the rewards are great.

2. The benefits of flowerbeds

A flowerbed can make all the difference in your outside space. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have enough space. A flowerbed is not about size but about being a well positioned display. An area filled with texture, beautiful colour of varying heights. Think in terms of layers. Could you place climbers at the back, like a clematis (available in many wonderful colours.) Then down to taller flowers that blow elegantly in the wind, finishing with bedding plants that quickly grow and produce colour.

3. Infuse some landscaping

Laid stone, distressed paving or old bricks can provide a strong design direction for your garden while serving as the useful entertaining space or pathway. For example, traditional grey or white laid stone or slabs laid in a random pattern will set the scene for a French country garden. While old recycled bricks of varying colour will create an English country garden feel.

4. Go potty with pots

If your garden pots always look fabulous, your garden will always have the wow factor! Similar to flowerbeds, start with tall, upright plants. Then add one or two mid-height plants then either some trailing plants or smaller compact plants. Foliage is just as important as colour, as contrasting foliage really catches the eye. Be bold with colour. Flower pots present a great opportunity to be dramatic with colour combinations. So don’t be afraid to be creative with your pots.

5. Remember the four season

If you have little gardening experience you may be use to just potting up for the summer! But there are an array of shurb’s and plants for all the four seasons of the year. Think of spring, summer and winter when deciding on plants and flowers for your garden. A very inexpensive way to create a garden for all the season is to plant blub’s in the spring that flower in the summer and plant blubs in the autumn that flower in the winter and so on. This then creates an element of surprise as the blub’s grow and adapt to the space given to them. Often flowers that grow from blub’s in your garden perform much better. Just keep them well watered, deadhead regularly and try your best to keep them slug free!

6. Hang a garden mirror

The use of garden mirrors has many benefits. A garden mirror will effortlessly reflect and brighten up your garden while creating the illusion of depth and space. Dress up a brick wall or fence with a decorative mirror. Hang a mirror in a dark corner to create and reflect light while adding a whimsical touch. A small garden will look double the size and add interest and light wherever hung. Choose a purpose made garden mirror that will withstand all weather conditions including frost. But you may ask, are garden mirrors safe? Read our advice Are Garden Mirrors a Fire risk?

7. Don’t forget garden lights

Don’t underestimate how important it is to create atmosphere in your garden. A small amount of lightening in your garden will bring real character to your space. Essential for dining alfresco well into the evening while being warmed by an inexpensive Chimnea! Whether you choose to hang a string of fairy lights behind a planter or have lanterns dotted about, garden lightening is relatively cheap and kind to the environment if solar lighting is used.

8. Create seating areas

Depending on how much space you have, think of ways to make your garden more than just an outside space. Make your garden, courtyard or balcony an extension of your home especially in the summer months. Think of how you can make it into a relaxing sanctuary with cosy decor, tactile furnishings and most importantly – a sitting area. Whether you choose to invest in long lasting garden furniture or a few well positioned movable garden chairs. You won’t regret the money spent.

9. Small space solutions

If a small courtyard or balcony is your only outside space plan to make the most of it. Think vertical planting and decorating! Make use of fencing and walls by planting upwards to maximise space. Buy hanging baskets that will shower your small space in natures beauty. If your space is dark, paint an area is the brightest colour you can. This will provide brightness even on the dullest of days. There are many space-saving, foldable or stackable tables and chairs on the market perfect for compact spaces.

We hope that some of these garden ideas will inspire you! Our outside spaces are places to relax, unwind and enjoy nature. If we can say one last thing – use plenty of colour!

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