GripIt wall fixings for hanging heavy mirrors on a plasterboard wall. Suitable for mirrors weighing up to 74kgs. Pack includes GripIt fixings, mirror hooks, flat head drill bit and an undercutting tool.

What are GripIt Plasterboard Fixings and How Do They Work?

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Unlocking the power of GripIt Plasterboard Fixings. GripIt plasterboard fixings, invented by Jordan Daykin, revolutionize wall mounting.

Ingenious design, these fixings provide a secure anchor for various objects without compromising the integrity of plasterboard walls.

History of Invention:

In 2008, Jordan Daykin, at just 13, conceived GripIt fixings, driven by the need for a reliable solution to mount items on plasterboard walls. His entrepreneurial journey gained widespread attention when he secured investment on BBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2014.

Solving the Plasterboard Challenge:

Problem Statement: Traditional wall fixings often fail on plasterboard, leading to instability and damage.

Product Overview: GripIt fixings utilize a unique design, distributing weight across a larger surface area, providing unparalleled stability on plasterboard.

Soraya Interiors & GripIt Fixings

On a Sunday evening in the early months of 2014, we found ourselves engrossed in the unfolding drama of Dragon’s Den. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Jordan Daykin was on the brink of presenting a groundbreaking solution to a longstanding issue that would have a profound impact on all of our lives.

The birth of GripIt plasterboard fixings, stemming from a genuine need and receiving the endorsement of the Dragons’ Den, revolutionized the realm of wall mounting, providing a dependable and secure solution for various plasterboard challenges. Enhance your DIY endeavors today by incorporating GripIt fixings into your projects.

How GripIt Plasterboard Fixings Work:

With a simple yet effective mechanism, GripIt fixings anchor securely behind the plasterboard, gripping it tightly and evenly. GripIt Fixings work by utilizing a simple yet innovative design to provide secure and reliable anchoring for items on plasterboard walls.

The mechanism is designed to distribute weight evenly, ensuring stability without compromising the integrity of the plasterboard. Here’s a brief breakdown of how GripIt Fixings work:

  1. Unique Design: GripIt Fixings consist of a plastic sleeve with expanding wings and a metal screw. The plastic sleeve is inserted into the drilled hole in the plasterboard.
  2. Insertion: The fixing is inserted into the pre-drilled hole, and as the screw is tightened, the wings on the sleeve expand behind the plasterboard. This expansion creates a broad, secure grip on the backside of the wall.
  3. Gripping Action: The expanding wings create a larger surface area behind the plasterboard, distributing the weight of the item being mounted. This distributed weight minimizes the risk of damage to the plasterboard and ensures a strong, even hold.
  4. Versatility: GripIt Fixings are versatile and suitable for various applications, from hanging shelves and pictures to mounting TVs and other heavier items. The design allows for a reliable grip in different plasterboard thicknesses.
  5. No Specialist Tools Required: One of the key advantages is the ease of use. GripIt Fixings can be installed without the need for specialist tools, making them accessible to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

In summary, GripIt Fixings work by combining a smart design with ease of use, providing a solution for securely mounting items on plasterboard walls. Whether you’re tackling a home DIY project or a professional installation, GripIt Fixings offer a reliable and efficient solution for achieving stability and peace of mind.


  • Versatility: Suitable for a range of applications.
  • Strength: Supports heavy loads without compromising wall integrity.
  • Ease of Use: Simple installation with no specialist tools required.

Different Size Plasterboard Fixings:

It’s simple! Just Drill, Tap & Turn! The GripIt fixings come in 4 distinctive colours representing the 4 different sizes and weight capabilities:

  • YELLOW 15mm – Use the yellow GripIt for really heavy stuff, like curtain rails. Just one yellow fixing holds up to 71 kg. To install, you require a 15mm drill bit.
  • RED 18mm – Use the red GripIt for really heavy stuff, like wall mirrors and large shelves. Just one red fixing holds up to 74 kg. To install, you require a 18mm drill bit. Perfect solution for wall mirrors and art.
  • BROWN 20mm – Use the brown GripIt for really heavy stuff, like radiators and cabinets. Just one brown fixing holds up to 93 kg. To install, you require a 20mm drill bit.
  • BLUE 25mm – Use the blue GripIt for the heaviest of domestic stuff, like heating boilers. Just one blue fixing holds up to 113 kg. To install, you require a 25mm drill bit.

Watch How to use a GripIt Fixing Youtube Video.

Jordan Daykin’s Dragons’ Den Success:

Featured on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Daykin secured an investment from Deborah Meaden. This endorsement catapulted GripIt fixings into the spotlight, making them a go-to choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Customer Testimonials:

“Purchased for heavy piece of framed artwork and very pleased with my purchase. The 54 kg art is still hanging on the plasterboard wall, so the fixings are doing their job. Easy fitting and all as described in the marketing and instruction. 5 Stars” – D.B

Purchase GripIt Plasterboard Fixings:

Discover the stability of GripIt fixings for yourself. Shop now and transform your wall mounting experience. Affordable and durable fixings delivered free to your door. Our fixings pack includes:

  • x2 18mm GripIt fixings
  • x2 Hooks
  • x1 18mm Flat head drill bit
  • x1 18mm Undercutting tool

What are GripIt Plasterboard Fixings and How Do They Work? from Soraya Interiors UK. Purchase your GripIt Plasterboard Wall Fixings kit at Soraya Interiors. We offer advice on How To Hang a Wall Mirror.

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