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Extra Large Mirrors Over 150cm

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Explore our exquisite collection of extra large mirrors

Explore our stunning collection of extra-large mirrors, each measuring over 150cm (4ft 11 inches) in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Whether you seek a grand statement mirror to redefine your space, a full-length design for those crucial outfit checks, a classic rectangular mirror for timeless elegance, or a chic round mirror for a touch of contemporary charm, our collection has it all.

Wide Range of Designs: Our mirrors are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly complement a diverse range of interior design themes. They are the perfect addition to your living room, hallway, bedroom, or even the bathroom, enhancing the aesthetic of any space they adorn. Click here if you are looking for a mirror made in Britain. 

The Perfect Home Accessory: These mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces; they are affordable accessories and furnishings that effortlessly infuse glamour into your home. With the ability to instantly transform any room, you’ll find that these mirrors are not just functional but also stylish additions to your decor.

Installing Your Extra Large Mirror: Installation is a breeze, as all our mirrors can be wall-mounted, and most are versatile enough to be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation. You can even choose to lean them against the wall for a relaxed and trendy look. If you plan to hang an extra-large mirror on a plasterboard wall, simply ensure you select the appropriate wall fixings for a secure and stylish installation.

Discover the beauty and functionality of our extra-large mirrors today, and elevate your interior design to a new level of sophistication and style. Read our latest blog: The Allure of Extra Large Mirrors: Why Size Matters.

FAQs for Extra Large Mirrors Collection:

Q. What are the dimensions of your extra-large mirrors?

Our extra-large mirrors vary in dimensions, but they typically range from 150 cm to 200 cm. Refer to each product’s details for exact measurements.

Q. How should I care for and clean my extra-large mirror?

We recommend using a gentle glass cleaner and a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning. Avoid abrasive materials that could scratch the surface.

3. Are these mirrors suitable for wall mounting?

Yes, our extra-large mirrors are designed for wall mounting. Each mirror comes with two D-ring hanging straps already attached in both a portrait and landscape position, ready to you to choose the orientation. Alternatively, simply lean your mirror against the wall. For your convenience, we offer free wall fixings for most wall types. Or purchase GripIt fixings if you wish to hang your mirror on a plasterboard wall.

Q. Can you customize the size of the mirrors?

The mirrors in this extra large collection come in standard sizes listed in the product descriptions. However, we do offer a bespoke mirror service on certain products, please contact us or read our bespoke service guide.

Q. What is the shipping cost and delivery time for these mirrors?

Shipping costs are free for most mainland UK postcodes. Delivery times vary based on your location and the mirror selected. You can find more information on the individual product page.

Q. Do you offer a warranty on your extra-large mirrors?

Yes, we provide a 6 months warranty on all our mirrors. Refer to our service and returns policy for more details on coverage and terms.

Q. Are these mirrors suitable for commercial spaces or just residential use?

Our extra-large mirrors are versatile and can enhance both residential and commercial spaces, especially the entrance.

Q. How do I return a mirror if it doesn’t meet my expectations?

Simply notify us within 5 days and keep the packaging. Please review our service and returns policy for detailed instructions on initiating a return.

Q. Is professional installation recommended for these mirrors?

While our mirrors are designed for easy installation, unless confident, professional installation is recommended for larger or heavier models.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any additional questions or need further assistance.