Why is it 7 years bad luck to brake a mirror?

Why is it 7 years bad luck to brake a mirror? – The origins of the myth

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Why is it 7 years bad luck to brake a mirror? – The origins of the myth. Rest your fears!

The next time you break a mirror and worry about your soul, blame the Romans!

A widely-held belief about mirrors is that breaking one will lead to seven years of bad luck. The origins of this legend are murky at best, but many agree that it probably traces back to the Romans, one of the first civilizations to use and popularize glass mirrors.

Why is it 7 years bad luck to brake a mirror? – The origins of the myth

Why is it 7 years bad luck to brake a mirror? - The origins of the myth come from Rome

According to Roman culture, mirrors weren’t just physical reflections, they were manifestations of your very soul. To damage a mirror was to damage a part of yourself, and anything from the simplest crack to a smudge on the glass could be considered a mark on your inner being.

It stands to reason, then, that breaking a mirror, the ultimate act of destruction, was the equivalent of killing your own soul. You would lose its protection. You would suffer ill health and bad luck. In short, you would hurt grievously for your carelessness. Some even believed that by breaking a mirror you would condemn your soul to an eternity in the “mirror world,” leaving your present body a soulless husk that wouldn’t be able to enter the afterlife. The Romans really, really didn’t like people breaking mirrors.

There was hope, however, for those unlucky enough to break the ultimate taboo. Roman culture believed that life renewed itself every seven years, so anyone who lost their soul to the mirror world would regain it, their bad luck would be reversed.

There were also several “home remedies” for a broken mirror that could be used to ward off the full effects of seven years’ misfortune. For example, you could gather the glass pieces and grind them into dust, eliminating your broken reflection and therefore your broken soul. You could also spin around counter-clockwise three times, which was a commonly accepted way of bringing more bad luck, but the logic was that the spirits would be confused and ultimately leave you alone rather than deal with the headache.

Bad luck or just unfortunate?

Regardless of your views on mirrors, souls and seven-year cycles of misery, the broken mirror legend stills live on today, both in modern culture myth and third world superstition. Maybe it’s better to be safe than sorry, yes? I do not believe in any of these superstitions but reality and accidents do happen. Here at Soraya Interiors, we do not want to supply any body with a broken mirror. So should the unthinkable happen and it breaks in transit we will happily replace it!

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