Our Funky Wall Mirrors

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Want a mirror with a difference? We sell a great range of FUNKY frameless wall mirrors. Without a frame, your large wall mirror offers more light reflection and the feeling of space. Great if you have a small dark room.…

About Rococo Wall Mirrors

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The Rococo style developed in Paris around the 18th century as a glamorous artistic movement and style which has influenced paintings, architecture, interiors design, decoration and much more. Rococo exudes fluidity and gracefulness and has a playful but elegant theme…

Frameless Black Glass Art Deco Mirror

Why buy an Art deco wall mirror?

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Art deco is a bold influential style which can bring unique features into any room or hallway. This seductive style first appeared in France around 1925 and from there has continued to flourish and influence international design from architecture to…

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